Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Buzz Coil: January '10

A look at some posts of interest from our blogroll and beyond:

This just in...Jan. 28, 11:30 pm...

The Wild Hunt: In his January 27 post,"Goddess Religion and Misandry?" (which I didn't read until just now) Jason Pitzl-Waters posts an extensive commentary on a new book, Sanctifying Misandry: Goddess Ideology and the Fall of Man by Paul Nathanson and Katherine K. Young, which apparently accuses Goddess spirituality of fostering man-hating. More than 100 comments on this post when I just looked.

Amananta: A January 19 untitled post by blogger Amananta responds to a post elsewhere called "The Fractal Nature of the Gender Binary" by examining the dualistic and hierarchical habits of some occultists who also gender hierarchy and duality. Included in her discussion are Qabala, Thelema, and "Rosicrucian/Golden Dawn-style practices." She adds that this habit "has successfully infiltrated Wicca and other modern paganisms."

American Witch: Well-known poet Annie Finch started this blog just this past Yule. Her Dec. 30 post, "Avatar and the Goddess," explores the Goddess theology and culture presented in this very popular film. Her January 11 post, "What is a Witch? What is a Poet? What is a Poetess?" relates the term "poetess" to the work of a witch.

Pagan Godspell: In her January 4 post, "Breathing in 2010" blogger Sara Ruby raises objections to the film, "Avatar."

The Village Witch: In the Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times on January 23, Byron Ballard writes about "Saturday, in Which the Village Witch is Interviewed by the Media," and she describes how she is preparing for Imbolc. In her January 20 post, "Walking through Different Worlds," she tells how she and two of her priestess-sisters "engaged in some shamanic-style work...on behalf of the people of Haiti."

Hecate: Blogger Hecate's January 22 post, "Ladies, Lots of Luck," responds to a Washington Post article about "the strict punishments Rome is handing out to women who dare to question their second-class status" in the Roman Catholic Church.

Amused Grace: in her January 18 post, "Meanderings," Thalia Took writes of researching goddesses:

I love following the strands, finding that one line about an obscure Goddess, the one town in which She had a concrete presence, then tracking the modern name of that town down if I can, and figuring where it was, where was Her temple, Her spring, Her wood; and then if I'm very lucky, finding a photograph someone has posted somewhere
She then shows us some of those photographs.

Mary Magdalene Within: "Why Bother with Candlemas?" asks Joan Norton in her January 17 post. Her answer includes references to Goddess and to the meeting of Mary Magdalene and Jesus.

Broomstick Chronicles: In her at January 7 post, "New Year Greetings from Cherry Hill Seminary," Macha NightMare shares her visions and expectations for Cherry Hill Seminary, of which she is now President of the Board, and explores why she now uses her birth name in many instances.

At Bridget's Forge: Lunaea Weatherstone shares her New Year's intentions in her January 1 post "More is More."

Evoking the Goddess: Blogger Paul explores "The strange invention of boredom" in his December 31 post, beginning with a holiday visit from a mother and daughter who never read books not assigned at school. He then wanders into wonder, mystery, magic, and beauty.

Suzie Ridler: In her January 25 post, "The Face of the Goddess," Suzie Ridler draws a tarot card, one that frequently comes up for her, writes of feeling unconnected to nature where she is now, and relates several of her predictive dreams.

Walking on Fire: Blogger Myfanwy posted her dayjob resume on her blog on January 24. Why? The explanation is in her January 20 post "Of Deeds and Dark Knots the Land Teaches," which starts out with an account of a series of dreams that seem to be guiding her to action. Good luck, Myfanwy!

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