Saturday, January 16, 2010

Global Goddess Oracle: Winter Issue

The great variety of fascinating material in the winter issue of Global Goddess Oracle includes:

An opening statement by Dawn, "Winter Solstice 2009," thanks those who have helped with the Oracle. She also contributes "Moon Schedule from Winter Solstice to Imbolc" to this issue.

"A Favorite Solstice Ritual," by Flash Silvermoon involves gifts, blindfolds, psychometry, kisses, and sips of "Mead."

"Let’s Clarify," by Bendis discusses the term "Dianic" and "the validity of ordinations." Bendis also contributes reviews of two books to this issue: Ethics and Professional Practice for Neopagan Clergy by Catherine MacDowell, and Psychic Shield by Caitlin Matthews, with a long excerpt from this book.

Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D, contributes two articles to this issue: "Modraniht," which proposes that the night of December 24 honor all mothers; and the humorous "Found Goddesses, Part 6" honoring Miss Piggy.

"The Healing Tree," by Vanessa Timmons discusses the journey of Amaterasu, with prompts for journaling.

"The Solstice of the Great Bear," fiction by Byron Ballard, is excerpted from one of Ballard’s longer performance pieces.

"Intentional Insights, Q & A From Within," by S. Kelley Harrell answers questions about living with a family member with post traumatic stress syndrome; Saturn in Libra; and closes with a riff on a quote by Marge Piercy.

"The Girdles of Ishtar: Astrology for Everywoman" by Jessica North-O’Connell begins with an excerpt from work of Hiratsuka Raicho.



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