Monday, July 19, 2010

New Goddess & Spiritual Feminism Organization

A new organization related to Goddess spirituality and spiritual feminism has just been launched. Called the Institute for Theology & Deasophy (ITD) and founded in association with Ocean Seminary College, its website describes it as

a research center dedicated to charting and further developing the fields of thealogy, deasophy, and their relationship to feminist theory and praxis. The Institute seeks to provide a bridge between the resources, insights, and queries related to academic scholarship and the wisdom, inquiries, and practices of the contemporary feminist spirituality communities along with past traditions of the Goddess.
ITD's founder is Angela Hope, who teaches at Ocean Seminary College, Saint Mary's University, and the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. The Board of Directors currently includes Kate MacDowell, founder and dean of Ocean Seminary College; Patricia Iolana, a doctoral candidate at the University of Glasgow; Z Budapest, who founded in 1971 the Susan B. Anthony Coven Number 1, and who played a pivotal role in U. S. in the beginnings of Dianic Witchcraft and of feminist/women's spirituality; Deanne Quarrie (aka Bendis) founder the The Apple Branch, a Dianic tradition, and founder of Global Goddess, an online community; Shan Morgain (bio to come); and Xochital Alvizo, a doctoral student at Boston University who was a student and close friend of the late Mary Daly.

Research fellows currently include: Max Dashu, founder of the Suppressed Histories Archives and well known speaker and teacher; Melinda Grube, adjunct professor of history at Cayuga Community College; and Trish Mattei, currently pursuing masters degrees at both St. Edwards University and Ocean Seminary College.

Membership in ITC is currently open and free, and there are plans for online forums, social networking, a listserv, and CEU opportunities.

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At Thursday, July 22, 2010 11:17:00 PM, Blogger Theklahope said...

Thanks for posting this Laura. We have more good news to report. Carol Christ, Constance Wise, and Paul Reid-Bowen are also joining the Board of Directors for ITD as well. We are excited to have them!


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