Monday, September 27, 2010

Buzz Coil: September '10

A look at some posts of interest from our blogroll and sometimes beyond:

Pantheon/Pantheos: In a September 9 post, Star Foster announces a "New Series: Paganism and Gender" and asks if you’d like to write a guest post on this subject for them. In the Sept 4 "Guest Post: Aiden Grey on An Introduction to Animism "Grey offers his definition of animism, explains how it differs from shamanism, and tells how he thinks it is distinct from Neopagan traditions.

Pagan Godspell: In her Sept. 13 post, "Thoughts on Animism," Ruby Sara shares her continuing thoughts about whether people who identify their religion as Pagan should share a "unitive vision story," or whether the term "Pagan" should be abandoned altogether because the people/groups the term usually refers to are too diverse in beliefs and practices to all be included in the same category. She thinks a starting point for a unitive vision would be to identify "Pagan" as "bioregional, earth-centered, animist." She then responds to Grey’s post on, especially the discussion of animism, colonialism, and the appropriation of views and practices in indigenous cultures.

The Village Witch: Blogging in the Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times, Byron Ballard defines Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, Heathen, and then describes her own path in her Sept. 24 post, Definitions...again."

Medusa Musing: In her Sept. 21 post, "What’s the Path?" blogger gorgon 50 says she’s interested in hearing from you about how you came to follow your path. She asks some specific questions and then shares some information about herself.

Full Circle News: After returning from wildlife rescue work related to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, blogger Sia writes on Sept. 22 about "Practicing Joy at Mabon," as she prepares for ritual.

Cosette From Jupiter: Blogger Cosette asks, "Where did Mabon go?" in her Sept. 27 post "On Mabon," in which she compares Mabon to the American Thanksgiving and then heads out for drinks. Oh, and she'd like to hear about your Mabon, if you'd care to share.

Hecate: Blogger Hecate posts "Cathedral," on Sept. 22, and "More Muir Woods" on Sept. 25 (with great pics) about her recent visit to ancient-treed woods near San Francisco.

Z Budapest Blog: Z describes the rituals and workshops at her recent festival in the Redwoods in her Sept. 25 post, "My post-festival Goddess thoughts."

Read This and Weep: In her Sept 22 post, "Being in the Right Place at the Right Time," Carol Lovekin in Wales writes of being inspired by the sunrise and of visiting a cairn with her sister priestess Yolanda, where they connected with birds Carol first thought were crows but turned out to this and find out...

The Magdalene Review: In her Sept 26 post, "Jesus and Mary Magdalene: A New Perspective," Lesa Bellevie comments on a blogpost elsewhere that speculates about whether Jesus was "taking advantage of Mary Magdalene by sleeping with her in the style of ‘cult leaders’ and other ‘messianic figures’."

Did we miss an item you think is important? We’d like to know about it, so please leave it as a comment.



At Wednesday, October 13, 2010 12:02:00 PM, Anonymous Thorn said...

thought you might be interested in Fully Engaged Feminism - Laura had me on as a guest to her podcast:

At Thursday, August 11, 2011 6:56:00 AM, Anonymous Find a Physician said...

All I can say is keep it up. This blog is so necessary in a time when everyone just wants to talk about how many people someones cheated on their wife with. I mean, thanks for bringing intelligence back to the web, its been sorely missed. Great stuff. Please keep it coming!


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