Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Global Goddess Oracle: Fall Equinox Issue

Global Goddess Oracle seems to me to be a mixture of new age material and Goddess material. I've written first about the articles that are either longer or seem to me more closely Goddess-related. You'll find the articles in different order on e-zine's website.

In "Subsistence, Sustenance, Sustainability," H. Byron Ballard, writes about the southern U.S. harvest, tells how she became a "subsistence farmer," and reports on a harvest celebration at the Mother Grove Temple in Asheville NC.

"Demeter, Goddess of the Lean Harvest," by Mary Caelsto, relates ancient harvest celebration to contemporary needs. Another tribute to Demeter is "Goddess of Abundant Earth" by Carmen Reyes. "Autumn Equinox - A Group Rite" by Bendis honors the African Orisha Oya. "Harvesting
Abundance..." by MarVeena Meek addresses the harvests of crops and creativity. In her column "Pagan Everyday," Barbara Ardinger relates the Fall Equinox to Xena, Warrior Princess, and the Chinese festival of Wan Yuan Chieh. "The Girdle of Ishtar" by Jessica North-O'Connell gives an atrological view of the Autumn Equinox.

In "Fury, Guts and Glory: Understanding Mars..." astrologer Elizabeth Hazel, begins "I have a grudge against Mars." She tells why, explains what she feels are the effects of this planet, and then goes into the mythology of the Mars and other war gods and attitudes towards Mars today. In another article, "The Legendary Mars," Angie Skelhorn presents information from myths about the Roman god, his parents, sisters, and the influence of Venus on him.

This issue's topic in Donna Henes' advice column "Ask Your Mama," is titled "Ceremony and Spirituality," though I'm not sure why. A woman who believes someone has cast a harm-causing spell on her asks Mama Henes if she can reverse it. "Absolutely not," Mama replies, and she tells why and makes other suggestions to help the woman heal.

In her advice column, "Intentional Insights," S. Kelley Harrell uses Flash Silvermoon's Wise Woman Tarot to advise a woman who "let go" of her university career to write novels, a move that is not now paying off. Harrell also answers questions from a woman whose daughter has epilepsy. She then offers some advice on dream interpretation.

The issue is rounded out by a poem, "Mother is Cold" by Durk Simmons, and "Moon Schedule from Mabon to Samhain" by Dawn "Belladona" Thomas.



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