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Buzz Coil: February '11

A look at some posts of interest from our blogroll and sometimes beyond:

Goddess in a Teapot: Writing from New England, in a Feb. 13 post Carolyn L. Boyd tells why 6 weeks of shoveling snow leads to apocalyptic thoughts for some people, but not for her. In "Apocalypse...Not So Much," she points out that many goddesses seem to be "the anti-apocalypse" and asks:

What if we had not grown up in a apocalypse-obsessed society in which the end of time was virtually assumed? What if we truly believed that solutions to environmental disaster and non-violent answers to conflict would be found because they must be found in order for life to continue, as it inevitably must? What if apocalypse was not an option? What would that world look like?
Chess, Goddess and Everything: Blogger Jan shows us beauty in a difficult situation with 2 great pics in her Feb. 21 post, "Ice Storm."

Hecate: In her Feb. 16 post, "Ivo! Evoe!" Blogger Hecate is bursting with the budding trees in the Mid-Atlantic states and even has snowdrops blooming in you'll never guess what part of her garden.

Pagan Godspell: Out in the "fiercely wild urban midwest" Ruby Sara notes
this sweet and awful dance with the earth, freezing and thawing, sighing and singing...
in her Feb. 17 post, "Muddy Footsteps: The conspiracy of Spring." The post also contains musings on books she's reading, a honeybee lecture, and a "kerfluffle" at a Mennonite college.

The Village Witch: In her Feb. 13 post in the Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times, "Forgive Me, Spring Sprang All Over Me," Byron Ballard writes of the first glimpses of spring, a Temple move, switching computer systems, coming down with the flu, and an altered-state experience involving eating fried chicken with Hosni Mubarik.

Flashes of Insight: Meanwhile in Florida, Flash Silvermoon shares info about the upcoming 8th annual Wise Women's Festival, April 8-10 in her Feb. 20 and Feb. 19 posts.

From Jupiter: In her Feb. 22 post, blogger Cosette gives an extensive account of last weekend's "Pantheacon 2011." After reading it, I'm breathless—she certainly gets around!

Queen of Heaven: In what appears to be a title-less post on Feb. 3 and starts with a quote from Joyce Kilmer's famous poem, blogger Carisa writes:
What is it about trees, anyway? To walk through a grove of them is almost to sense the presence of a Goddess around you.
Carisa then presents tree goddesses in various cultures and wonders about dancing in groves in the Americas and Europe. Her Jan 30 post, "Black is Beautiful: A Black Madonna Gallery," has some great info and wonderful BIG pics.

Veleda: In her Feb. 3 post, "Anishinaabe Medicine Women in Michigan" Max Dashu explains how masculine default language is a stumbling block to research with a example that is both hilarious and disconcerting. She goes on to retell several stories about the Ojibwa (Anishinaabe) that her research turned up.

Brigid's Forge: In her Feb. 12 post, "Lightening Up," Lunaea Weatherstone writes of the message she received from the Goddess after asking for help before a move. She also describes what she did in response to the message.

The Retiring Mind: Focusing on socialization, Wendy Griffin's Feb 6 post explains the rationale of "Women Born Women Only" groups and events.

Z Budapest Blog: In her Jan. 30 post, "On My 71st Birthday...My Bucket List," Z recalls past events of her life and reveals what she'd like in the future.

Full Circle News: In an extensive Feb. 13 post, "Pagan Rolodex," blogger Sia shares some deep thoughts about "Pagan Doers" as well as those who don't.

The Wild Hunt: Among the many items of interest that Jason Pitzl-Waters reports in his Feb. 23 post, "Pagan Community Notes," is that Selena Fox joined the Madison WI protesters after returning from PantheaCon. (I thought I spotted her on MSNBC footage...) With quotes from Selena. Jason would like to hear from other Pagans at the protests.

COG Interfaith Reports: In a Feb. 4 post, blogger Michelle gives info on a "Teenage Interfaith Diversity Education Conference" in Boston May 27-29.

She changes everything she touches...

The blog formerly titled "Cosette from Jupiter" is now simply "From Jupiter" —with Cosette still the blogger.

I am trying to keep up with the morphing of Gorgon Resurfaces (LaughingMedusa) to Medusa Musing (gorgon50) and now it seems back again to Gorgon Resurfaces (LaughingMedusa). When compiling this post I first when to Medusa Musing, which now warns of adult content (as I'm well over 18, I bravely clicked to enter). This lead me not to anything x-rated but to links, one of which went back to Gorgon Resurfaces, which has the most current posts.

It sometimes happens in Blogsville, that a blog retains the same name but the blog's content changes so that it no longer is in a category related to this blog. We remove those blogs from our blogroll. It also sometimes happens that people don't post on their blogs for long periods of time. Hoping they'll come back and also knowing that even the past posts can be valuable, we usually keep them on our blogroll for at least a year. If you stopped blogging for a while and your blog used to be on our blogroll but no longer is and you plan to start (or are) blogging again, please leave a comment to let us know.

Did we miss an item you think is important? We'd like to know about it, so please leave it as a comment.



At Friday, February 25, 2011 7:56:00 AM, OpenID sometimesfaithsometimesnot said...

Hmmm. My Medusa Musing blog warns of adult content? I'm not sure why, since I didn't make it so. Odd. I'm not a fan of LiveJournal, even though I've tried to be. Their navigation is confusing and design is limited. Yes, I'm back at Gorgon Resurfaces and would like to be on your blogroll again, if it's not too late. Sorry for the mix-up.

At Friday, February 25, 2011 12:29:00 PM, Blogger Medusa said...

When I discovered the change, I changed the listing in on our blogroll to Gorgon Resurfaces. So you were never off the blogroll. My closing comment on this post wasn't directed at you (or anyone else who leaves a trail to their new blog addy) but was for people who have stopped blogging for a year or more, for those whose blog has shut down with no "forwarding address" or whose blog has been taken over by others or changed in a way as to be unrecognizable as the same blog. Carry on--and good luck with your geographical move!

At Friday, February 25, 2011 3:31:00 PM, OpenID sometimesfaithsometimesnot said...

Thank you! It's a big step, but I'm ready.


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