Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Goddess Pages: Winter Issue

"Do you define yourself by what you put in your mouth?" asks Granny Burton in an article in this issue of Goddess Pages entitled, "Be Kind to Yourself: Stop Worrying About Your Stomach." Granny urges us to "eat what you want" so after finishing the piece I ate some chocolate ice cream.

Other articles in this issue are:

"Elusive Egyptian Goddesses: Seshat the Lady of Numbers" by Lesley Jackson, who writes:

Like women, goddesses have not escaped being stereotyped but not all will fit the maiden-mother-crone model nor are they all earth focused.
She then describes the Goddess Seshat, whose name in English means "female scribe."

Susun S. Weed seeks to set the record straight about "Glorious Goldenrod," which, she says, doesn't cause allergies because what pollen goldenrod has is carried by insects, not the wind. Included are directions for drying goldenrod flowers and roots, making goldenrod vinegar and tincture, and a discussion of their possible uses.

In "Meditations on 21 Women, Part 2" (part 1 is in the autumn issue) Barbara Barnett writes about women placed on the paths of the kabbalistic Tree of Life by another author.

" Nevern: Sacred Site of Ceridwen" by Becky Thomas is about a visit to a Welsh village and discovering a story that has Christian and Pagan versions.

In "Small Steps Towards a Large Solution," Brenda Lightfeather Marroy writes that the "first and most basic step" to stopping "the downward spiral of our civilization" is being connected to "goddess mother." She tells how this conection has changed her life.

Rachael Clyne explores a wide variety of spiritual experiences in her article, "Spiritual Highs and Lows."

This issue's fiction includes "Loving Brynhild - Part 3" from a novel by Clarise Samuels, and "Transmutation: An Alchemical Fairy Tale" a short story by Barbara Ardinger.

Poetry includes: "First Full Moon after Mabon" by Meggie Hiley, "Goddess of Morning Light" by Dora Wright; "Holle" by Annelinde Metzer, and "Loss" by Doreen Hopwood.

Reviews include: Paul Williment's review of Brighid and Me: Experiences with the Goddess by Hollee Swan; Marie Ziolkowski's review of In the Heart of the Fire, a novel by Cerridwen Fallingstar; Sue Oxley's review of The Dark Man: The shadow that follows us all by Deborah Wells; and Vanda Lloyd's review of the Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2010.



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