Sunday, February 06, 2011

Letter of Protest About Changes to Goddess Sanctuaries in Germany

The current issue of Goddess Pages contains a letter from Dagmar Margotsdotter-Fricke of Germany protesting the proposed alteration (and possible destruction) of a Goddess sanctuary dating back about 2,000 years, and the proposed alteration of an even older Goddess sanctuary. Dagmar writes (in part):
In the middle of a beautiful hill in the Eifel in Germany lays the small borough of NETTERSHEIM. Three goddesses have been worshipped here since living memory, in Latin “Deae Matrone”, the so called “three matrons”. The Romans came to this area about 2,000 years ago and built many hundreds of stone monuments in reverence of the Godesses, the mothers and keepers (or guardians) of the land about whom they learned.
Dagmar then gives this link , whose text is in German. But even if you don't speak German, it's worth a visit--it has photos of the sites she writes about (and you can always use translation sites, such as that provided by Google.) Dagmar continues:

Some of you have learned about these from a lecture given by Gudrun Nositschka during the International Goddess Congress 2010 held in the Hambacher Palace. About 800 stone testimonies of the Goddess adoration, the so called Matrone Stones have remained until today. About 40 of them are in the Bonn Cathedral Crypt. It is no coincidence that this huge church was exactly built above them to hide them. Most of the Matron monuments are kept locked up in the federal land archives. Why are they kept under lock and key? For a long time we have asked ourselves whether maybe women are not supposed to learn about this great divine female worship.
On top of this there can be found in NETTERSHEIM something that is worldwide unique: the so called “GÖRRESBURG”, a prehistoric sanctuary set on a hill. When the Romans discovered this Goddesses of the land sanctuary they lined it with stones. Within this sanctuary they built 3 stone rooms (lat. cellae) and erected many Matron monuments (today replicas stand in their place). The mayor of NETTERSHEIM wants to erect a huge 8 meter high cube in the middle of this sanctuary.

Be sure to read the rest of Dagmar's letter (click on this tinyurl link or go to and scroll down to link on bottom of page for the very long url link), which includes links for more info.

We'll publish our usual summary of Goddess Pages current issue in a few days. But this information seemed to have some urgency.

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