Saturday, February 19, 2011

Trailer for Documentary about Aphrodite

At the end of this post is a trailer for a documentary, "Kypris - The Aphrodite of Cyprus Revealed," still in production. Thanks to Carisa, who posted about this yesterday on her blog, The Queen of Heaven, which brought this to my attention.

The text accompanying the You Tube video says, in part:

Aphrodite remains for the majority of us the Great Unknown Goddess, as we have so wrongly identified her with commercialized sex and beauty. The documentary attempts to reveal and reinstate the essence and truth of this universal female principle, as the sound of the primordial drum vibrates deeper and deeper into the ancient stones and ground of the temple, taking us back along a continuum of time when the Kypris kept changing shapes and forms under the influence of neighboring civilizations.

To me just this 7-minute preview is very moving. It includes the Ma Gaia frame drummers and artists, scholars, actors and other Cypriots. The documentary is being produced by Tetraktys Films, in co-production with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.

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