Sunday, March 13, 2011

Worldwide Healing Ritual for Japan

UPDATE: March 18: The following is from an email I received this evening from Selena Fox. (I've turned the urls into links because long links mess up the blog's format.):

"Please join us in doing spiritual healing work for Japan as part of your upcoming Equinox & Full Moon ceremonies and gatherings this weekend. Some possibilities for individuals & groups:
(1) Work with or adapt the
Healing for Japan Ritual by Selena Fox

(2) Create a Healing for Japan Altar for use in healing prayers, rites, & meditations - this could include items such as a map, flag or other symbol of Japan, objects made in Japan, Japanese sacred images, quartz crystals, other healing tools.
(3) Envision egg-shaped containment around damaged Japanese nuclear reactors & send support to workers at the reactors sites.
(4) Call on Kannon, Japanese Goddess of Mercy, known also in other parts of Asia as Kwan Yin, to aid Japan, its people, creatures, plants, land, waters, air, energy sources.
(5) Attune to the
Circle Sanctuary Community's endeavors on Saturday, March 19.
Circle Sanctuary will have a community Healing for Japan Altar set up in its Temple Room at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve near Barneveld, Wisconsin throughout the day of its Welcome Spring Festival on Saturday, March 19, and as part of its Full Moon Circle in the evening.Shibaten of Japan, who is now in Singapore, will be among those spiritually attuning with those of us celebrating - you are welcome to join in as well.
(6) Post about your own spiritual healing work for Japan on
Selena Fox's main Facebook page throughout the weekend.

(7) Tune into internet radio for special show on Pagan relief efforts for Japan - join Don Lewis, Peter Dybing, Selena Fox, Zaracon, others on Saturday night, March 19 on Pagans Tonight. Selena is presently scheduled to do her Healing for Japan Ritual shortly after 9 pm CDT on this internet radio show.
(8) Join Pagans of many traditions in Pagan First Giving charity efforts for Doctors without Borders, which is among the international relief organizations now working in Japan.
(9) Network: share this email & links with others."
[end of update]

Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary has announced, on the Sanctuary's website, by email, and on Facebook, a healing ceremony for Japan coordinated with Japanese shamanic healing musician Shibatan, currently in his home country. Selena invites all interested to take part in the coordinated ritual scheduled for this evening at 7 p.m. CDT /9 a.m. Monday Japanese time. The full suggested ritual is on this Circle Sanctuary website page. If you can't do the ritual at the 7 p.m. CDT time, it can be used at other times you feel the ritual is appropriate, needed.

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