Sunday, April 03, 2011

Study Guide Available in Ebook Formats

A study and discussion guide to the four Kabbalah chapters in my award-winning book, Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century, is now available as a low-priced ebook, titled Exploring Re-Visioned Kabbalah: Study Guide for the 4 Kabbalah Chapters in Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century from Kabbalah to Quantum Physics. (Yes, it's a long title; I wanted to be clear about exactly what the ebook is.)

Something happened while I was working in PhotoShop on the ebook that might be considered sychronicity or fortunate coincidence. I think of it as Goddess guidance. Probably many of us working in creative fields experience something like this fairly often. I was trying to come up with art for the "cover" and was going to use art I had posted on
Cafepress and Zazzle in the past, showing, among other things, the design that the re-envisioning I did of the Tree of Life forms among the Tree's round areas (known as sefirot). The lavender and rose-gold connecting lines were a little hard to see computer-sized against the green background I had used previously for the art (behind which was a black background) so I turned off the green layer. Wow! says I to myself, the whole thing looks great against the black. And so it is.

The new study/discussion guide is in addition to the shorter study guide for all chapters of the book included in its Combined Second Edition. The new, separate, ebook guide is meant for readers, teachers, and discussion leaders who want a more extensive guide to the book's chapters 2-5 describing and giving the history of Jewish Kabbalah and Hermetic Qabalah, and proposing a more egalitarian kabbalistic Tree of Life. The new guide is available as
a Kindle E-Book, a NOOKbook, and at Diesel eBook Store, Sony Ebook Store, Smashwords in multiple formats, and at other ebook vendors. Its intended U.S. price is $2.99, and hopefully it's comparatively priced elsewhere. BTW, if you like the black background design, I've put it on Zazzle (on t-shirts and posters) but I haven't gotten around to putting it on Cafepress yet. Somebody remind me...LOL

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