Monday, April 04, 2011

What Do You Think of This from 'Conscious Men?'

This video, "Dear Woman," was posted on You Tube by a group called Conscious Men. It includes reference to the "divine feminine." I'm interested to know what you think of it.

They also have a "Manifesto" with sentiments similar to those in this video.

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At Tuesday, April 05, 2011 12:24:00 AM, Blogger Robur d'Amour said...

My own reaction (as a man) to that, is that it is utterly inauthentic, and nonsense.

It would seem to me that many of these intellectual ideas (because that's what those statements are - simply high-sounding intentions, not actions) derive from thinkers such as Jung.

But did Jung ever say anything as pompous and pretentious as that? Never!

If any of these people really believed any such things, then they would act in their own lives. They would not wish to go on YouTube or Facebook, trying to tell the world about their very unoriginal idea.

Their 'manifesto' says "in apologizing to you for the hurts we men have caused you". Who the heck do these arrogant individuals, with huge male egos, think they are? They certainly don't speak for me.

At Monday, April 11, 2011 8:28:00 PM, Blogger Rhondda said...

I could only watch 44 seconds of that and I felt like throwing up.

At Tuesday, May 17, 2011 8:09:00 AM, Blogger MasterAmazon said...

Very newagey, and addresses only heterosexual women, certainly not Butch Dykes, or women who are not appropiately 'feminine' and most of these males are white males, the very men who have the power in the world over women, lesbians, and those of color. Very middle/upper class males the way they speak, and attitudes. Though they name the issues, how deeply are they REALLY doing what would empower ALL WOMEN, allowing us OUR spaces, our ways of thinking, our ways of being whether we acknowledge them or not, without feeding their egos.

Some of these guys are again sexualizing us, our 'beauty' our 'femininity', which means they are addressing those women that fit within their narrow parameters
and how we relate TO THEM, mostly as partners, even if we are Lesbian or otherwise and have no interest in partnering with them. Not for women as a whole not relation to their needs. Just as we are, independent from them.

Some seem more sincere than others. But WHAT are they doing? What organizations are they supporting that support US?????

And how are they confronting OTHER MEN, to stop discrimination, sexism and violence against women???

At Saturday, May 28, 2011 3:46:00 PM, Blogger Idris said...

I felt very angry at this and I am trying hard to figure out why. i think what struck me most at first is that it is trite. It is as if they have been trying to figure out what it was they imagine women want to hear and then saying it. They are presenting themselves as having overcome and transcended the attitudes of the past and that they are no longer locked within that history. I cannot see how this is so.

In the first place, they are talking about women in relationship with men, not women living their own lives and having full autonomy. And I mistrust viscerally talk about "energies" for that denies the physicality of being human and having desire.

When people talk of the "divine feminine" I simply do not know what they mean. Are they talking about Shakti, the Morrigan, Kali, Durga, Ereshkigal, Hecate, the Furies, Inanna? It does not seem so. They are simply apotheosising a fantasy set of traits that ignore the messiness of being human. Does their divine feminine bleed, shit or piss? Does she fear? And is she sometimes fucking angry? Does she have an active desire of her own which may not necessarily be beautiful, gentle and "feminine"

Their "divine feminine" seems to be no more than a continuation of male fantasy. It is not autonomous but is referred to only as the partner of some notional "divine masculinity".

And as for the serene and calm voices of the men and the anodyne music that accompanied it, I am afraid that my reaction as a Goddess-loving man was a strong and violent urge to demand some acknowledgement that somewhere, lurking deep within their psyches, was not the same urge to dominate and suppress that they so wish to persuade others is no longer there. I do not believe them.

It is all very similar in tone to much of the poetry of Elizabethan times and later, in which the mistress is idealised but,ultimately, viewed only as a receptacle for male lust, subservient to male expectations. Not human.

I am a man, with complex drives and emotions that are my own. Some are not pretty and I try to moderate them but do not, alas, always succeed. I do not expect women to be any different.

I will post this comment without going back to edit or censor. I was, and still am, angry at this bullshit and do not care to hide it


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