Monday, July 25, 2011

Buzz Coil: July '11

A look at some posts of interest from our blogroll and sometimes beyond:

Hecatedemeter: In her July 13 post, blogger Hecate asks: "Statue of Liberty: Is She a Goddess?" First Hecate quotes Rick Perry, the Dominionists, and shares a (scary? nutty?) John Benefiel video in which he condemns "Lady Liberty" and conflates her with "The Queen of Heaven." Hecate follows these with a story about her "G/Son" and a discussion about her relationship with several goddesses. Then 14 commenters (at last count), chime in.

Onion Work: is Ruby Sara’s new blog. In her June 30 post, "Onions and New Digs," , she reveals her plans for Onion Work. Then, in a July 1 post, "Way Opening and Moving Forward," on her well known blog, Pagan Godspell , she expands on her explanation, giving a history of this apparently soon-to-vanish blog.

Goddess in a Teapot: In her July 3 post, "Chaos-to-go: Life as a Holy Speck in an Infinite Messiness," Carolyn Lee Boyd connects chaos theory to the change of seasons, ancient goddesses, and incidents in her life.

Driving Audhumla: Victoria Slind-Flor, who didn't conduct her usual yoni self-portrait art workshop at Pantheacon this year, has been pondering the trans debate that erupted at this year’s ‘con. In her July 12 post, "I can only speak from my own experience," she gives her opinion, reflecting her personal life history.

Amused Grace: In her July 17 post, "The Mother," Thalia Took writes about the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess and why she has difficulty identifying with her—yet finds herself bottle-feeding a kitten.

The Goddess House: In her July 19 post, "Imbolc in the Southern Hemisphere," blogger As’t Moon, a priestess in Australia, gives a history of various myths associated with this sabbat and tells of her preparations for spring’s arrival. In her July 9 post, she tells why the July Devotional Services of her group is "In Honour of Kuan Yin".

Veleda: Max Dashu provides a photo essay and review of an article on Greco-Roman temples in her July 4 posts, "Goddess Temple in Western Asia I" and "Goddess Temples in Western Asia II" . Included are illustrations of the Temple of Ishtar in what is now Iraq, pottery showing offerings to Inanna, a winged Ishtar, and many ancient artifacts of other goddesses. Her July 6 post, "Lion-Throned Goddesses of West Asia," covers material from Phoenicia, Lebanon, Syria, Canaan, Israel, and other areas, with fascinating pics. As is usual with Max’s uncommon writings, these posts provide a wealth of information.

From Jupiter: Blogger Cosette rejects a number of "Wiccan Laws" from the mid 20th century, calling them "sexist, ageist, more than a little bit Christian, and rather silly at times" and shares "My Five Wiccan Non-Laws" in her July 14 post, which she says are the "ethical building blocks" she tries to live by.

Panthea: Blogger Lisa (aka Grian, aka Lee) asks, "What is Religion?" in her June 30 post, quotes Ninian Smarts’ "seven-fold scheme of study" for religion and asks how you think it applies to Goddess Religion.

Broomstick Chronicles: Macha Nightmare’s June 29 post explores "Growing Pagan Elders..." , including developing a community of elders, and her related personal experiences.

Did we miss an item you think is important? We’d like to know about it, so please leave it as a comment.



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