Friday, September 02, 2011

Info On Our Events Coil

I was recently contacted by a person whose name was included in a posting about an event asking me to remove her name from the listing. I want to make clear, both to organizations whose events have been or may be listed here and to people who present at these events, that we only list events and information about those events which has been previously made available on other websites (usually the website holding the event, or the individual presenter). We do NOT list from emails, PDFs, or from websites which require passwords. So everything we list is legally public information. People who don't want their names listed with organizations' presentations should inform the organization not to list their name on their website. Also, I need to say that putting together the list of events is very time consuming--both Silver and I work on it-- and often frustrating. If a sufficient number of people and/or organizations don't want their names/events listed here, we will discontinue this feature and spend our time on other matters. Your comments and opinions on this post are sincerely welcome.

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