Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Global Goddess Oracle: Samhain 2011

The current issue of the online journal, Global Goddess Oracle, is well worth the click to its site. It includes:

Dawn "Belladonna" Thomas's editorial about turning within at this time of year and thoughts on her grandmother from Hungary; with art by Orna Ben-Shoshan. Also from Dawn "Belladona" Thomas: "Goddess for Samhain - Oya" with background on the Goddess and a short ritual; and "Moon Schedule Samhain to Winter Solstice."

Deanne Quarrie's "Angrbooa and her Children and Our Shadow Selves" about Norse mythological "beings" and stories; and "Felt Need," which tells about a 2005 discussion with her partner about the group, Global Goddess.

Mama Donna Henes' "Ask Your Mama," responding to a question about incorporating traditions from cultures other than your own.

Barbara Ardinger's excerpt from her new novel Secret Lives (see our review in the post below this one) and two other contributions, "Pagan Every Day: November 17th - Drumming" and "Pagan Every Day: November 3rd - Silence."

Leslie Brroks' "Hecate," with background on the Greek Goddess.

H. Byron Ballard's "Invocation to Durga," used at a priestess ordination.

Jessica North O'Connell's "Living on a Fault Line," a poem about Oya and the poet, followed by additional information about Oya.

Carmen Reyes' "Moons and the Wheel of the Year," relating the solar holiday Samhain with the balsamic phase of the moon and also giving plant, tarot, and Goddess correspondences, as well as a suggestion for ritual and affirmation.

Leslie Brooks' "Morrigan," which gives background on the Irish Triple Goddess.

Aaralyn Terra's poem, "Spider."

S. Kelley Harrell's, "Samhain - Nature's Holy Day for Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder," with background on the holiday and speculation about how ancient peoples may have been affected by this time of year.

Mavesper Cy Cerridwen's "When the Veils Unraveled," a story in a long-ago setting accompanied by a "Prayer to the Lady of Samhain," translated from Greek.



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