Monday, November 14, 2011

Goddess Pages - Autumn 2011

Autumn's issue of Goddess Pages contains art, articles, fiction, poetry and reviews. The issue opens with art by Rachael Clyne, titled, "Hypogeum - Sounding the Vision," and editor Geraldine Charles' introduction to this issue, "She changes everything She touches..."

"Avalon in Silk, " in which Jan Billings shows and comments upon her artwork, inspired by the Glastonbury area as well as Gover, on the British coast.
" Dia de los Muertos," by Mari Ziolkowski, who tells how she learned about this holiday while in San Francisco. The article also includes a discussion of Halloween.
"Everyone Ought to have a Little Mother[wort] Around the House" by Susun S. Weed, who shares her grandmother's treatment for hot flashes.
"Get Your Goddess Shine On," in which Tracey Jewel writes about evolving from a "plain Jane" childhood to a "blossoming" teen, yet still not knowing who she was inside. This article also gives tips on bringing out your "inner sparkle."
"Goddess Pages Horoscopes" by Georgina Sirett-Armstrong-Smith
"Holiday in the Land of the Moon" by Laura Gee, which suggests a visit to Lunigiana, Italy to find peace during the holdidays and explore an "old earth culture."
"Reclaiming Nonna: Forgotten Goddess" by Becky Thomas, who tells how in a remote region of western Wales, she heard ancient Goddess Nonna whisper. Thomas also shares the history and symbols of this Goddess.

"Loving Brynhild -Part 5 of a novel" by Clarise Samuels, contains chapters 9 and 10 of the novel. Links to previous chapters published in Goddess Pages are at the end of this piece.

"Ancient" by Doreen Hopwood, "Autumn Samba" by Annelinde Metzner, "Salmon Skin Soul Magic" by Rachel Mica McCann.

Geraldine Charles
reviews the books Sacred House by Carolyn Hillyer, Secret Lives by Barbara Ardinger, Shinto: A Celebration of Life by Aiden Rankin.
Rachel Clyne reviews the book, The Serpents's Tale by Annabel du Bouley, as well as a visit to Malta and Gozo with two friends.



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