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Buzz Coil: March 2012

A look at some posts of interest from our blogroll and sometimes beyond:

Feminism and Religion:  In this blog of many authors and many paths, Daniel Cohen’s March 23 post, "The First Casualty of War,"  is a re-examination of a story about the Trojan War.  Cohen is author of The Labyrinth of the Heart, which retells a number of myths, especially for men open to Goddess. On March 22, Michele Stopera Freyhauf, asks "Is Baptism a Male Birthing Ritual?", questioning the Christian rite of purification and naming in view of U.S. political attacks on women. On March 12, Carol P. Christ’s post, "Women Are Not Sluts, Rush, Douche-Bag Is Not Funny, Jon, and Sexism Is More than ‘Inappropriate’ Mr. Whitehouse Spokesperson," opens with the question,

Why is it OK to insult women, our bodies, and our sexuality im ways that it is no longer OK to insult other groups?
the post goes on to relate such insults to wide-spread attitudes among men and "our culture" in general in which "The Virgin-Whore split is alive and well."

American Witch: This blog has a new url: On March 23, Annie Finch posted a video showing  a variety of people, some famous (Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh, several member of Congress) and some not so well known but quite angry about what a number of them call the "war on women." Contains some remarks specifically about the role of religion.

Works of Literata: Blogger Literata’s March 25 post,
"A Prayer to Justice",  is a response to the conservative Christian "prayer offensive" related to the U.S. Supreme Count’s hearing on the Affordable Care Act (heath care). Her March 8 post, "From DC 40 to Chicago 50" begins with:

The NAR is at it again, and this time they’re coming for Chicago.
and goes on to quote an NAR announcement about plans for activities "between Passover and Pentecost April 9-May 28." 

The Wild Hunt: In a March 13 post, "
Religious Freedom, Exemptions, and the Responsibility fo the Majority," Jason Pitzl-Waters discusses apsects of te U.S. political controversies surrounding health care coverage that includes contraception.  His March 22 post, "‘Nones’" and the Future of Religion in America," examines theories about "why religiously-motivated culture wars have intensified at this moment."  

Huffington Post: A March 9 post by Amy Suskind,
"The Spring of Sexism" credits (?) Rush Limbaugh’s sexist slurs for launching a "battle cry for activism" among women and "like-minded men" who have "finally had it " with "a myriad of misogynist rats" including not only conservative Republicans but also Democrats who are supposedly liberal/progressive.
The Washington Post, On Faith: In a Marsh 8 post,
"Feminism’s final frontier? Religion,"  Lisa Miller describes a growing discontent among women in churches, synagogues and mosques about restrictions and second-class status, resulting in women leaving these religious institutions.
Association for the Study of Women and Mythology: A March 17 post,
"Featured Speakers for ASWM Conference: Judy Grahn," gives background on Grahn, one of the speakers planned for the ASWM Symposium May 11-12 in San Francisco 

The Village Witch: Byron Ballard’s March 20 post, 
"A Time of Balance within a World A-Kilter," is an inspiring post about the meaning of  Ostara/Equinoxes, including thoughts about justice, binaries, "clockwork," and ritual work with a Unitarian Universalist group.
A Quaker Witch:  Stasa Morgan-Appel ‘s March 25 post,
"Spring Equinox: shedding the bonds of winter" shares thoughts about and questions that came to her during a recent Quaker worship meeting.
The Goddess House: Blogger As’t Moon’s March 25 post,
"Lilith - Hebraic Demon, Ancient Goddess, or something Else"  is one of this blogger's several posts this month on various personifications of the divine as female, and one in preparation for a May 26 workshop, "Encountering the Dark Goddess," in Adelaide, Australia. As’t writes that of all the Goddesses, Lilith "is probably the one of the more confusing and misunderstood," and explains why. This month’s other posts include those on the Nine Morgans, Demeter, and Changing Woman.
Hecatedemeter: In a March 14 post,
"At the More Than Mid-Mid Century Mark," blogger Hecate, marking a birthday, writes of "Hidden (in plain view) treasures" of her "lovely city on a swamp," of the significance of the  Tidal Basin’s cherry trees to her, as well as her experience of the recent Sacred Space ‘con in Maryland.
Veleda: Max Dashu’s March 4 post,
"Lunulae/Crescents in Ancient Europe" poses questions about lunar crescent-shaped artifacts c. 1500-900 BCE from Central Europe. With many pics.
Katrina’s Joy: Katrina Messinger’s March 12 post asks
"Who am I, Now" and describes her recent identity struggles, which include exploring why she calls herself "warrior" and "priestess."
Amused Grace: In her Mach 2 post,
"E is for Elements" Thalia Took re-examines the traditional element correspondences for the directions.
Way of the Rabbit: On March 8, Yeshe Rabbit posts
"An Important Message from Amazon Priestess Tribe," announcing the coven’s "retiring" from Z Budapest’s lineage of Dianic Wicca and the formation of an independent lineage. The post has 3 main parts: "I. Statement of Tribal Evolution," "II: Clarity around the use of the terms ‘Dianic’ and ‘Pan-Dianic," "III. The amazons are changing our name." In a March 14 post, "Pan-Dianic and Dianic", Rabbit shares a more personal view, basing her explanation on analogies with science, including the "law of natural selection," taxonomy, and centrifugal force.
Pantheacon: A March 10 post announces the "Pantheacon Policy on Limited-Access  Events" focusing especially on events that attempt to set limits on attendance by gender.



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