Monday, May 28, 2012

Buzz Coil: May 2012

A look at some posts of interest from our blogroll and sometimes beyond:

Blog 'o Gnosis: In her May 2 post,"Small Brown Seed," Anne Hill shares thoughts about this time of year and an audio of the song by the same name that she recorded a few years ago. It really sounded great on my computer speakers!

Alchemy of Clay: In her May 23 post, "weather notes," Barbara Rogers shows and discusses her sculpture of Gaia that morphed into Lucia in a lovely flowery setting.

Amused Grace:  Working up to J in her journey through the alphabet, in her May 11 post  J Is For Jasasara, Thalia Took writes about the Goddess Jasasara, who she says you probably know, even if you think you don't.

My Village Witch: Byron Ballard's "The Village Witch" blog on an Asheville NC newspaper site has morphed into her very own blog. Among her at-least-as-wonderful-as-before first posts are, beginning on May 22, 3 posts about Pagan Unity Festival 2012. May 23 post tells about My First Class at the Fest. Her May 26 post, Pagan Unity Fest–another bright day  compresses two day's events into a short but sweet story.

A Quaker Witch: Stasa Morgan-Appel reports, in 2 posts, on the Pagan Federation Scotlands Annual Conference. The first post on May 19 is about a transforming experience at a workshop: Margot Adler's "Amazing Grace," without shame. The second post on May 22, answers the question "So, how did the Conference go??"

HecateDemeter has a two-part (so far) series on aspects of magic. The first part,The Art of Magic , posted on May 19,  is mostly about art and visualization. The Art of Magic — Part the Second, posted on May 20, continues with a lovely pic, an intriguing quote, and some questions for you.

Works of Literata: Blogger Literata, in her May 26 post, exclaims, I’m ordained! and tells about her ordination as a high priestess through the Order of the White Moon. In her May 14 post, Literata explains "Why Feminists Have Better Sex," and points out how ignorance about female anatomy can lead to absurd statements in erotica and diminish pleasure in real life.

The House of Inanna: Idris has returned to his blog and this May has written a number of posts about sexuality. For example, his May 9 post, "Sex Addiction?"begins with his evaluation of a study which claims that sex can change the brain, and moves on to question whether sex addiction, gambling addiction, and food addiction are legitimate terms.  His May 15 post, "Of Inanna, Sex and Poetry," explores various religions' approaches to sex.

Feminism and Religion: Among this month's posts by many bloggers on a variety of paths are:
"Green Solutions to the Greek Economic Crisis, " posted May 28 by Carol P. Christ, who is running in the Greek national elections on the Green Party ticket. On May 21, in a post titled,
"She Who Changes," Christ shares some of insights from her book of the same name.

Prodded by the latter post, Xochitl Alvizo, on May 23, posted, "How Does Goddess Change the World?" in which she quotes  "a favorite little passage I love from a Catholic theologian, Gerard Lohfink, who wrote a book about whether God needs the church." 

"Still Practicing Her Presence,"  posted May 27 by Barbara Ardinger, gives some tips on how to increase Goddess focus. With two videos of familiar Goddess chants.

Vatican Lays a Cunning Trap for American Nuns, a May 26 post by Mary Johnson explores the issues and history surrounding the current tensions between the Vatican and women religious, especially American nuns.

The Wild Hunt: In his May 23 post, "Winnemem Wintu Tribe Plan Civil Disobedience," Jason Pitzl-Waters reports on the Wintu Tribe's actions of civil disobedience to protest their being unable to properly hold their traditional young women's coming-of-age ceremony.

Way of the Rabbit: Yeshe Rabbit's May 24 post, Blessings of Isis upon Loreon Vigne! profiles the leader of the Temple of Isis at Isis Oasis Sanctuary in Geyserville, California, who will turn 80 on June 8.

Communing With Goddess: Jennifer "Jay" Bull gives some advice to "certain" feminist writers in her May 13 post, " Dear Feminist Spiritual Writers – Start Writing Accessibly." I need to say that I don't agree with all her preferences. But it makes for interesting reading.

Note: Because I am planning to have cataract surgery in about a month, I may not be recovered enough to write a Buzz Coil next month. Actually I can't see very well right now, so please excuse any typos.



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