Sunday, August 19, 2012

Goddess Pages Summer/Autumn 2012

Issue 21 of Goddess Pages, Summer/Autumn 2012 is now available. In her intro ("she changes everything she touches...") to this issue, Editor Geraldine Charles announces that she will be producing only two issues a year in the near future and explains why.

This issue's cover art is "Sea Myst Siren" by Sanddi Art.

 Articles include Rohase Piercy's fascinating "In Praise of Tanit," which begins:
"Tanit, chief deity of the Phoenician colony of Carthage, is a Goddess surrounded by speculation and controversy. For one thing, there are widely differing theories as to the meaning of her name: is it of Berber or Semitic origin? If the latter, does it arise from the root for ‘serpent’, ‘lament’, or ‘count/assign’? Is it merely co-incidental that Ta-nit means ‘Land of Neith’ in Egyptian?"
 Before exploring the myriad possibilities, Piercy gives a "general overview" of Tanit's associations, including those associated with the Bronze Age city-states of Phoenicia.

In his eye-opening "Rape, Murder and Misogyny - The Real Revelations of the Kama Sutra,"Andre Zsigmond says that careful reading of the text will show that it "will never be mistaken for a feminist manifesto". He goes on to contrast it with the more female-centered Song of Songs.

Other articles include: Tara L. Reynolds'"The Story of the Vestal Virgins," who were devoted to Vesta, a fire Goddess;   "Be Your Own Herbal Expert: Part 2" by Susun S Weed, which discusses tea and other herbal remedies and suggests some experiments to see what suits you; "Finding New Goddesses," by Barbara Ardinger, a humorous piece exploring the possibilities of "goddesses" such as "Fixorrhea, Goddess of Duct Tape"; and "The Chronicles of Baubo Biggins: I am waiting" as told to Katara Moon, which starts with a quote from the work of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and goes on to explore aspects of the current U.S. political campaign season.

Poetry includes: "Lifting the Veil" and "When the Azaleas Bloom," by Annelinde Metzner; "Madonna" by Dora Wright;  and "Two Poems," on the light side and Tarot-inspired I'm told, by Judith Laura (who, rumor has it, blogs as Medusa).

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