Monday, November 12, 2012

Prayer Hour for Patricia Monaghan

The following is by Kathleen Jenks of the Black Earth Institute, and is used with her permission here:

For those interested, Patricia's BlackEarth Institute community started a 9 pm EST prayer-hour for Patricia and her beloved husband, Michael, on Saturday night....One group of BlackEarthers even built a roaring bonfire to honor Patricia's "light," letting it burn right down to the embers so that no energy was wasted that she might need.

We didn't learned til noonish Sunday that she'd died in Michael's arms, taking her last breath at 3:45am Sunday morning.... The bonfire people hoped they'd contributed extra energy to Patricia for her passing -- and I'm sure they did....She was such a powerful, wise, amazingly sensate force of nature! It seemed impossible that she'd be leaving so soon. She even has 4 more books coming out in the near future!

Anyway, the 9 pm (EST) prayer hour will continue for a number of days for both Patricia and Michael. If you'd like to join-in, there's no need to notify anyone or sign up. Some (like me) light candles, others read aloud passages to her from her books, or just talk, sing old Irish songs, pray, light bonfires, whatever.         

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