Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Second Video: with book coupon

My second video is about my novel, Three Part Invention, about mothers and daughters in a three generations of a family, with 20th century events as a backdrop. The novel explores their relationship to each other, music (classical, jazz, rock and more), and the tug between ethnic loyalty and global consciousness. It also touches on women and religion. The novel has been available for some time as a paperback and a Kindle ebook and has just become available in virtually all other ebook formats. Until Dec. 31, you can get the ebook for at half price in the ebook format of your choice by going to  (link goes to book's page) and using the coupon code YD24V at checkout. (The code is not case sensitive.) More information on this book, including direct links to booksellers, is here. 

If you like to compare, you can also look at my first video, about my book, She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother, posted to this blog in Nov. 2010. I created and narrate both videos.

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