Sunday, January 27, 2013

Buzz Coil: January 2013

A look at some posts of interest from our blogroll and sometimes beyond:

Blog O'Gnosis: Anne Hill announces the 8th annual Brigid Poetry Festival, which now has a Facebook page, in her Jan. 21 post, "Poetry, Inauguration, Land." 

Pagan Square: Some samples of this month's posts from a multiplicity of bloggers: Blogger Hec's (aka HecateDemeter) Jan. 21 post, "Hail Columbia," notes that the statue atop the Capitol representing what many consider a Goddess, Columbia/Freedom, was commented upon by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-MD) at the Presidential Inauguration--her post also includes links to inaugural altars,  Schumer's comment, and other info on the statue; in a Jan. 22 post, Elani Temperance delves into the symbolism and mythology of  "Constellation Cassiopeia: the seated woman"; Byron Ballard's Jan. 17 post, "Imbolc, with the Littles," discusses ways to include children in Brigid celebrations; in a Jan. 15 post, "Wisdom is Her Name," Tess Dawson writes about the ANE (aka Near or Middle East) Goddess Wisdom, including biblical references.

The Goddess House: Blogger As't Moon's Jan. 8 post is about "Bila: Aboriginal Sun Goddess." Her Jan. 24 post, "The Goddess at Lughnasadh," is related to the upcoming sabbat in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Wild Hunt: Jason Pitzl-Waters Jan. 21 post,  "Wicca and Paganism Leaving the Occult Section, Heading For Religion,"  focuses on changes to the Book Industry Group's Subject Heading List and Llewellyn's Elysia Gallo's reporting on where books related to Paganism and Wicca are likely to be shelved in bookstores.  

Hearth Moon Rising's Blog: Blogger Hearth Moon Rising's Jan. 11 post, The Alder Tree," takes a look at some of the mythology about that tree. Her Jan. 25 post, Baba Yaga and the Pelican, compares how pelicans act with Baba Yaga stories from various cultures, and includes information from Marija Gimbutas' work on bird goddesses.  

My Village Witch: Byron Ballard writes of the time of year around Imbolc in the mountains of North Carolina in her Jan. 20 post, "Signs of a Mountain Spring."

Works of Literata: In her Jan. 25 post, "Virginia religious liberty: ACLU petition to lawmakers,"  Blogger Literata gives tips on how to encourage Christians to use "empathic imagination" in their views on prayers in school. 

Daily Kos: In a Jan. 12 diary, "The Struggles of Women in America"  blogger ladyrhiannon824 discusses the relationship between the history of misogynist religion, oppression of women, and specific issues, such as women and work and the bias against single parent families. 

Feminism and Religion: Among this month's posts on this blog of many paths and bloggers are: "Epona, Celtic Horse Goddess," by artist Judith Shaw on Jan. 26; Carol P. Christ suggestions on "How to Find Those Lost Ancestors," in her Jan. 21 post; a Jan. 20 post, "Brigit and Patricia: Comrade-Women,"  in which  Elizabeth Cunningham explores the relationship between the late Patricia Monaghan and the Goddess whose name is given to the Pagan (Celtic) holiday celebrated at the begining of February; a Jan. 19 post, "Voice of Wisdom: What Hildegard Means Now,"  in which Mary Sharratt, whose novel about Hildegard of Bingen we reviewed here, explores the meaning of  the life of the German abbess, poet, composer, etc., for us today; Barbara Ardinger reviews Sharratt's book in her Jan. 8 post, "Illuminations," A Novel of Hildegard Von Bingen"; in a Jan. 18 post, "Three Sisters," Deanne Quarrie views the Triple Goddess as sisters, rather than mother-maiden-crone. 

No Longer Quivering: Blogger Libby Anne interviews several people who were home-schooled, mostly for Christian fundamentalist reasons, in her Jan. 25 post, "Raised Quiverfull: Homeschooling."

Return to Mago: Among this month's posts by a number of different bloggers are:
an introduction and link to Susun Weed's radio interview ( with transcript) of Hearth Moon Rising about "Nature-based Spirituality," posted Jan. 25; essays on "Korean Bells and Magoism," the first posted on Jan. 11, and the second on Jan. 23 by blog owner Helen Hye-Sook Hwang;  and a picture of Lydia Ruyle's banner depicting "Doumu, Mother of the Seven Stars," with her comment.




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