Thursday, May 02, 2013

Global Goddess Oracle's Beltane Issue

The Beltane issue of the e-zine, Global Goddess Oracle, is published. Among its articles you will find:
"Artwork by Majak Bredell," which tells, in words and pictures, of the artist's transition from "patriarchal Calvinism" to Goddess.
"Beltane and Liminal Time," by Deanne Quarrie, discussing the history of the holy day. Includes poem and a discussion of the meaning of "liminal."
"Breathing Meditation" by Molly, both a meditation and a poem.
"Honoring Maia at Beltane with Ritual" by Dawn "Belladona" Thomas, explaining the relationship of Beltane to the Goddess Maia, her history in a number of cultures, and offering a Beltane ritual. Dawn's additional ritual ideas can be found in "Ritual Ideas for Beltane."
"Pagan Every Day Inner Gardening" by Barbara Ardinger describes, with humor, how she "gardens" with a minimum amount of outdoor contact, and also explains why she rarely goes to outdoor rituals. In another article, "Tending Our Gardens," she describes her garden and asks about yours.
"The Blessing" a poem by Laura Stamps, tells of goldenrod in the spring, as well as other plants and critters.



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