Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lammas Issue of Seasonal Salon

The Lammas issue of Seasonal Salon, the online publication of the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess International, opens with a Letter from the Editor, Nancy VanArdsdall. In this piece, VanArdsdall recalls the late Kay Gardner's contributions to Goddess spirituality, and writes about the significance of Lammas, both spiritual and political, including that:
"We are being challenged to protect and defend what is both being threatened and destroyed by patriarchy.
In this issue of Seasonal Salon, we are not only reminded to honor the Amazons who fought on those frontiers, we are being challenged as Amazons to protect, to defend what patriarchy is threatening and in too many cases, such as in Texas, is destroying: our harvest—the inherent rights that belong to us women."

Barb Lutz/Tribas presents Lammas Altar art, and writes about the Goddess women who inspired it as well as the significance of both Lammas and Imbolc.

In her article on participating in the pro-choice activism in response to recent anti-choice actions by the Texas legislature, Renee Rabb reports on the filibuster by State Sen. Wendy Davis and also delves into the motivation and convictions of women who participated in the demonstrations against the Texas Senate Republican majority's sneak attack on women's rights (previous five words my description). Rabb then interviews a number of women about their opinions on the relationship of spirituality and political action.

Jane Danko presents and discusses  her art depicting Castro Field in Spain and the thorny gorse bush. This is followed by Danko's poem, "Castro Field."

In "The Fruits of Our World," Roisin Fandel writes her response to
 a Cella weekend where the convening advisor hung sheets of paper on which womyns’ names were written who, across the years, had worked to change the status of womyn. Reading the names of those I did not know brought me up against the totality of how little information about womyn’s achievement is actually ever mentioned.
Fandel goes on to discuss a number of the women she honors and remembers at Lammas.

Nano Boye Nagle offers a beautifully poetic and ritualistic "Harvest Call."

A feature called "From the Archives," shares an article by Lynnie and Jade that first appeared in the print journal, Of A Like Mind, Candlemas 9996.  It discusses the establishment of RCGI's Women's Thealogical Institute, which they describe as
one of the first leadership development programs for Goddess women since the fall of the great temples, training women for leadership/service and the duties of Priestesses.
 The article also discusses the naming--and meaning of the name--of the Cella program.

"Demeter Brings the Grain," is art by Nancy Rutherford.

The issue closes with Sally Jo Fussell's recollection of a past experience in "Personal Ritual for Lammas."       

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