Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Goddess Pages Summer Issue

In her editorial, "She Changes Everything She Touches," which opens Issue 23 of Goddess Pages, Editor Geraldine Charles explains why this issue published later than she planned. We are glad Geraldine is on the mend and any appearance of this publication is well worth waiting for. Issue 23's opening art, "Birth of the Earth," by Roslyne Sophia Breillat, illustrates her new book, Heart of the Earth: Nurturing the Sacred Feminine; an accompanying article, "Maka Ina, Upon Sacred Ground" is excerpted from it.

Other articles in this issue include:
"Cobra Goddesses" by Lesley Jackson, focusing especially on Egyptian goddesses; "Ecofeminism: Historical Perspectives and Revolutionary Potential," by Milina Jovanovic, which begins by noting that most Womens and Gender Studies curricula in the U. S. don't include courses in ecofeminism;  "In Praise of Juno," by Rohase Piercy, which takes a look at the Classical era concept of "female genius" or "guiding spirit"; "Sacred Sites on the Greek Island of Samos," in which Melinda Martin shares memories of a recent vacation; "The Return of the Yogini - Part I," in which Mari P. Ziolkowski, Ph.D., writes of how her opinion of yogini practices changed as she studied them, and of her particular interest in Tantric theory and practice related to Kali.

This issue's fiction is Carolyn Lee Boyd's  "Our Souls between Earth and Sea," about a daughter's discovery of her "selkie" skin through her mother. 

Poetry includes: "I Was Born For This World," and "Red Oleander," by Annelinde Metzner; and "Nirvana" and "Charon" by Doreen Hopwood.

Reviews include : Paul Williment's review of  Brighde's Cave by Isabella Weber; Geraldine Charles' review of The Strega and The Dreamer by Theresa C. Dintino; and "Thirteen Women in Search of the Wild," Rachael Clyne's review of the course, Singing Over the Bones: Women Writing the Wild.



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