Monday, December 23, 2013

Global Goddess Oracle: Winter Solstice Issue

The e-journal Global Goddess Oracle's current issue begins with an opening post from Dawn Thomas, "It is the time to welcome the Winter Solstice," written from Florida and accompanied by an appropriate pic ;-) It is followed by Deanne Quarrie's article, "A Return of the Light," which traces the observances of solar holidays back to the time when people didn't have the science to know what caused the change of seasons and continues to present-day relevance. Here are some of the other contributions:

"Triple Goddess," by Majak Brendell showing 7 different artworks, with explanations by the artist.

"Ask Your Mama," in which Mama Donna Henes answers a question about sun goddesses.

In "Away, Away to the North," H. Byron Ballard discusses her excursion to Great Britain last summer; her work with her own Goddess congregation in at Mother Grove Goddess Temple in the U.S. South, including the calling of the direction, "North"; and the importance of grounding.

In "Dying to the Connecting Wound & Living Again through the Great Mother," Raymonde Savoie delves into "the dark times of the soul." With 3 pics, including the Death Card from Motherpeace Tarot and the artwork, "Keeper of the Soul."

In two separate articles, Barbara Ardinger writes about Feng Shui,  as well as the Slavonic and Germanic Goddess Perchta. and her relevance to both the Winter Solstice and to aging.

In "She is Crone, " Molly shares the poem, "Crone,"  and the sculpture, she created on a day of significance. 

In two posts on the Arthurian tradition, Shauna Aura Knight, "The Longest Night: An Arthurian Ritual and Vigil," a Winter Solstice ritual in which each person becomes King Arthur, and  "The Longest Night: Taking Up the Sword,"in which she writes about King Arthur and leadership.

Dawn "Belladonna" Thomas also writes about Feng Shui and gives us the current Moon Schedule.
And she review two books: "Mind Body Home Transform Your Life One Room at a Time by Tisha Morris"  and The Circle Book One of The Sidhe by Cindy Ciprianows.



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