Saturday, January 18, 2014

'Cons on the Coasts

The East and West Coasts of the United States will be hosting Pagan conferences about a month apart.

Sacred Space will be held March 13-16 at the Holiday Inn in Laurel MD, about midway between DC and Baltimore. Registration is currently open. Among the presenters are featured presenters Selena Fox, Orion Foxwood, and M. Macha NightMare, and sponsored teachers Jason Pitzl-Waters and Renna Shesso. A complete list of presenters and workshops currently scheduled is here.  

Pantheacon 2014 will be held Feb. 14-17 in San Jose CA. Though online registration is now closed, you can register at the 'Con. Lodging information is here. Just some of the many individuals and groups presenting workshops and other events are: Max Dashu, Thalassa, Margot Adler, Mary Greer, Selena Fox, Starhawk, Brandy Williams, Victoria Slind-Flor, Luna Pantera, Sara Astarte, Amber K, Temple of Aphrodite, Sacred Fires and CAYA Coven, and Temple of Inanna and Dumuzi. There will be several opportunities to participate in sacred dance, and several concerts, including one with Holly Tannen and Ruth Barrett. For more on events and presenters see the program guide.

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