Tuesday, January 07, 2014

From Australia: Two Online (and 1 On-Site) Courses

Glenys Livingstone is offering a year-long mentoring program for those who want to become ceremonial celebrants and teachers of PaGaian Cosmology. The program is available both online and at  Moon Court, Springwood, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. The introduction for the online course can be taken at any time; other sessions for the course begin in late March/Early April for the Southern Hemisphere and September/October for the Northern Hemisphere.  The on-site course given at Moon Court begins with an Introductory course on April 5.

Jane Meredith is offering Distance Aphrodite's Magic, an electronic version of a course she has given frequently at a number of geographical locations around the world. It will be given via conference calls, Facebook group, and Skype.  The course which begins when it's February 13 in Australia (where Jane lives) is open to anyone anywhere and runs through September.

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