Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter-Spring Goddess Pages Published

With a new format featuring a larger cover ( with my favorite colors prominent--purple and lavender), Issue 24 (Winter 2013-Spring 2014) of Goddess Pages has arrived. The cover art,"Earth-Hecate-Mother of Loss" is by Annabel Du Boulay. Editor Geraldine Charles explains, in her introduction, "She Changes Everything She Touches,"   (also on a lavender background :-D) how the e-journal's new look evolved.

Oh, in fact all the the pages have a lavender background! I wonder if they will be lavender every month or will change. In any event, this month's articles (which have beginnings on the homepage and then link to the full articles)  include:  Part 4 of "Be Your Own Herbal Expert" by Susun S. Weed; "'Dolls,' Fairy Tales, and Ancient Goddess Figurines," by Jeri Studebaker;  Part 2 of "The Return of the Yogini" by Mari P. Ziolkowski; and "The Healing Womb," by Annabel Du Boulay

This issue's poems (also linked from the homepage) include: "Alone on Earth at Hawkscry," by Annelinde Metzner, "An Ode to Ma," and "To the Holy Earth Mother II" by Marija Makeska; and "The Moon and I" by Dora Wright.

Reviews (also linked from the homepage) include: Karen Tate's review of Sharon Stone's film, Femme: Women Healing the World; and Lene Jacinta Martinussen's reviews of the books, Odes to the Goddess by Esta Weiss and Nina's Story: Endymion Oracles by Heaven Leigh.



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