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Buzz Coil: March 2014

 A look at some posts of interest from our blogroll and sometimes beyond:

The Retiring Mind: In a extensive March 13 post, "The Decolonized Goddess, Part I," Wendy Griffin recalls a trip to Mexico during which her field work led to several experiences related to the re-emergence of the Aztec Goddess Coatlique. 

Annelinde's World: In her March 21 post, Annelinde Metzner's poem, "Ix Chel in my Window,"  is accompanied by several pics and portraits of the Mayan Goddess.

Veleda: Among Max Dashu's six March 6 posts are two about an Ethiopian Goddess: "Oromo women protest male violence under banner of goddess Atete," and "Atete, Goddess of the Oromo People in southern Ethiopia." The Suppressed History Archives, which Max founded in 1970, is nearing the end of an indiegogo fundraising campaign. Max explains the reasons for the campaign in her Feb. 24 post, "Suppressed Histories Archives: the Next Step."   

Woodspriestess: In a  March 11 post, "The Goddess of Willendorf and Does My Uterus Make Me Look Fat?" blogger talkbirth discusses her feelings and findings (including pics of statues and jewelry) related to one of the best known ancient goddesses, unearthed in what is now Austria.

The Rowdy Goddess: On March 23, "The Gifts of Durga," is the second of Gail Wood's two posts on this Hindu Goddess.

Love of the Goddess: Blogger Tara writes about "Rhiannon, Welsh Goddess of Horses and Magic," in her March 22 post.

The Goddess House: In a March 21 post, "Green Tara at the Goddess House," blogger As't Moon gives background on this Goddess in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition and tells how the Goddess House in Adelaide, Australia, honors her.

Broomstick Chronicles: On March 22, Macha NightMare (Aline O'Brien) writes a long and personal memorial post for "Judy Harrow, 1945-2014" ,who died on March 21. 

Hearth Moon Rising's blog: In her March 21 post, "Feasting with the Dead," Hearth Moon Rising speculates about whether Sumerians practiced menstrual seclusion, based on the their timing a family celebration honoring ancestors at the time of the "disappearing moon." 

Panthea: Blogger Lisa shares "Musings of the Sacred Masculine" in a March 10 post, in which she writes:
"For years I struggled with ideas of a male god. I didn't understand him nor did I want to based on the examples of war-mongering, vengeful sky gods that I'd been presented with in my life. I had a clear picture of the Goddess and realized he was a part of her....In the last few years....I've been realizing that the God concept needs a reworking based on the fact that the male divinities we've known for many millennium are all rooted in a system that was never meant to represent the true nature of the male human, let alone his inherent divinity...."

Tamis Hoover Renteria: In her March 22, post "In Defense of Men," Tamis worries that she may be getting an reputation for "man-hating" and explains:
"It’s not men that I’m railing’s the systems of patriarchy that men and women together have created across the world which privilege men and men’s way of looking at things...."

Radical Goddess Thealogy:  In her March 20 post, "Switch or Die? What'll It Be?" blogger Athana (author, under another name, of Switching to Goddess), writes:
 "If humanity doesn’t switch back to its old mother goddesses soon, it will lolligag on down the road after the dinosaurs to extinction....When you worship war gods, you do war...."
Her March 20 post,  "Baby, Baby, Get Down On Your Knees and Pray," takes Ian Hodder to task for claiming that "there’s no such thing as female figurines at the 8000 year-old site Catalhoyuk...."  

Works of Literata: In her March 24 post, "Columbia and Justice for women's choices," blogger Literata shares her prayers to Goddesses Columbia and Justice just before the U.S. Supreme Court's hearing of arguments related to the coverage of contraceptives under the Affordable Care Act (Sibelius v. Hobby Lobby).

HecateDemeter: In her March 11 post, "Monday Evening PotPourri," blogger Hecate shares some "INTJ tips for surviving a conference" before attending Sacred Space in Maryland.

My Village Witch: In her March 20 post, "A Dubious Balance," Byron Ballard writes about preparing for Spring Equinox while being aware that winter weather in Appalachia is probably not over, and she distinguishes between "balance" and "stasis."

The Wild Hunt: In a March 27 post, in preparation for its blogiversary March 29, Jason Pitzl-Waters looks back on "Ten Years of the Wild Hunt," and reveals plans for the blog's near future, including the addition of more writers. He asks:
 "Think you could be a part our team in the future? "

 Brandy Williams: In her March 15 post, "A Pagan Future, " Brandy tackles the question: "What does Paganism look like in 50 years?"  
She writes:
That question begs an underlying one, “What does the world look like in 50 years?”
She then looks at the present situation, the relevance of the question to magic workers, and two alternative outcomes.

House of Inanna: In a title-less March 20 post, blogger Idris tells why he has returned to blogging after a long absence.

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