Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Global Goddess Oracle Online

Global Goddess Oracle Spring 2014 opens with editor Dawn Thomas' Welcome to Spring based in Florida, in which she tells what happened to a Monarch that "froze the night before the butterfly left the chrysalis." Articles include "Imaginary Friend," in which Molly explores, in prose and poetry, whether Goddess is a type of imaginary friend; Jeri Studebaker's "Newsflash: Fairy Tales Are All About Goddesses," in which she brings together opinions from a number of sources; "Our Loss of Od," in which Deanne Quarrie connects changes in many people's childhoods  to the mythology of the Icelandic Goddess Freya's loss of her first consort, Od; two excerpts from Barbara Ardinger's book, Pagan Every Day: "Tellus Mater," and "Veritas"; A "Spring Equinox Ritual for Women," by Deanne Quarrie; and Heather Kohser's prose and poem, "This One Is For the Birds."

Regular features include Mama Donna Henes' "Ask Your Mama," in which, this month, she replies to a question from a woman who says she isn't a Goddess follower but her 6-year-old daughter is; Moon Schedule for Spring and two book reviews by Dawn Thomas

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