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Buzz Coil: April 2014

 A look at some posts of interest from our blogroll and sometimes beyond:

Glenys's Blog: In her April 18 post, "Samhain Ritual and Cosmogenesis," Glenys Livingstone writes about celebrating Samhain/Deep Autumn in Australia.

Radical Goddess Thealogy: In her April 24 post, "Heard It Thru the Grapevine," blogger Athana writes: "recently I heard it is super uncool now for Pagans to say things like 'Mother Goddess',  'Holy Goddess' -- or 'goddess' at all." She goes on to reveal what else she's heard and to suggest what she feels is a logical approach to the issue. 

The Wild Hunt: Jason Pitzl-Water's April 22 post, "Earth Day and the Pagan Spirit," discusses present issues surrounding Earth Day, the history of Paganism in relation to environmentalism, hedonism and the terms "earth religion" and "nature religion," and his personal experience living in the Pacific Northwest. About the attitude "That the problems we face are too immense, that we can simply face forward with stoic composure, or engage in 'collapse' scenario preparations, and hope for the best," he writes: ".... I don’t think that’s true, there is something we all can do, rich or poor, connected or isolated, and that is to stop being polite about the devastation." He compares the individuals' and groups' actions during the early AIDS epidemic in the U.S., which played a significant part in bringing life-saving change to HIV treatment, to what we might do and accomplish regarding mounting ecological crises. 

Works of Literata: In her April 21 post, "Earth Day – Romancing the Landbase," blogger Literata writes about emotional and intellectual ways to deepen your relationship with the land in the area where you live.

HecateDemeter: In her April 22 post, "Earth Day," blogger Hecate suggests to ways "to come into right relationship  with your landbase." One of them involves an item from Starbucks.

Annelinde's World: Annelinde Metzner's April 19 post is a poem, "As Spring unfolds," written in and about the mountains of North Carolina.

Living A Spiral Path: In an April 18 post, "She Shall Come Bearing Gifts," blogger Stormy Seaside tells about a surprise gift he received, including what he did after he opened it (with pics, and I'd tell you of what but that would spoil the surprise.)

 Broomstick Chronicles: In her April 16 post, My Perspective on “Wiccanate Privilege”  Aline O'Brien (aka Macha NightMare) writes about why she dislikes the term and discusses her participation in interfaith activities, as well as the relevance of the definitions of Witchcraft/Wicca and Paganism. In her April 2 post, "My Take on the Kenny Klein Affair," she explains what she thinks is the worst and best to come out of this situation.  

My Village Witch: In her April 5 post, "Safe Words, Safe Spaces (Part Four of not too many more, I hope)" , after reviewing "Mother Grove’s policies as well as our Ethics statement," and in light of what she views as a continuing problem, Byron Ballard asks, "How do we make our circles safe for those who seek to join this oddball collection of spiritualities?"

Contemplation - Yeshe Rabbit: In her March 31 post, "Paganism Loses Its Innocence," Rabbit shares her thoughts on recent discussions of involvement of some Pagans in predatory sexual activity. An excerpt from what she writes:
"There is a miasma of deep discomfort that frequently derails otherwise solemn discussions of sexual misconduct everywhere in our society....But what makes this more difficult is that so much of modern Neo-Paganism is rooted in an imaginary world that is a mishmosh of slippery mythic tropes. Festivals are supposed to feel like a sort of cinematic riot of colorful fairy folk with body modifications having sex with nymphs and fauns in a forest-like RenFaire setting where everyone is glamorously beautiful and smells good, even when they don't, right?" 
With links to posts by others on the subject.

Musings of a Quaker Witch
: In her April 17 post, "Some Experiences with a Culture of Consent and Radical Inclusion,"Staśa Morgan-Appel  writes:
 "In the midst of the renewed coverage of sexual predators in religious and spiritual communities, I want to talk about what it's like to experience a culture of consent...." She goes on to  share her ideas about asking for consent not only before touching someone with sexual intent, but also before non-sexual touch.

The Goddess House: In her April 13 post, Dancing in the Luna Light Again, blogger As't Moon, writes about this April's Blood Moon and announces the return of the winter months' full moon gatherings in Adelaide Australia's Botanic Park.

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