Thursday, March 12, 2015

Goddess Pages Winter 2014/Spring 2015

I am a little late and will be a little short in telling you about this issue of Goddess Pages due to my own ongoing battle with carpal tunnel syndrome. So please excuse the lack of lots of links. I'm writing this with  the help of speech recognition software. Any mistakes are due to the misunderstandings by the software ;-)

This issue opens with art of Morrigan by Laura Bell, who also wrote an article on this Goddess. The introduction to this issue by Geraldine Charles appears under the title "She Changes Everything She Touches."

Articles are by Susun Weed, Morgan Daimler, Georgina Sirrett-Armstrong-Smith, Hannah Spencer, and Sue Oakley.

Fiction is by Carolyn Lee Boyd. Poems are by Annelinde Metzner and Susa Silvermarie

There are six reviews, including those of Goddess by Laura Powell, Lupa and Lamb by Susan Hawthorne (which we also reviewed here), and The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queen by Morgan Daimler.

Hope you'll go over to the Goddess Pages website to find out more.



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