Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Buzz Coil: Nov. 2016

Here are some recent posts from blogs on our blogroll (please note, we don't knowingly list posts in Buzz Coil that have been published previously by the blogger elsewhere or on the same blog):

My Village Witch: In her Nov. 24 post, "Harvest Home. It's Complicated," Byron Ballard
 compares the marking of harvest time in the past with how it's celebrated in the U.S. today, what is "slipping away," what most Americans are disregarding, and ways to cope. 

Works of Literata: In her Nov. 24 post, Literata offers "Thanksgiving Grace 2016," in the form of a poem.  

Fellowship of Isis Central: FOI Central's November 14 post, "Honoring Olivia Robertson," announces that the Fellowship set up a new page with material never before published in honor of its late cofounder.

Hearth Moon Rising's Blog: In her November 18  post, "Medusa in Art,"  blogger Hearth Moon writes that she has  "been surprised at the amount and breadth of art that is available on this goddess" and that the art can be "divided into six categories."  With many large pics. Her November 11  post  is a review of  Ruth  Barrett's new book, Female Erasure.

HecateDemeter:  Blogger Hecate writes about  spiritual ways  to handle  the recent election results in her November 12 post, "If You Are Part of My Tribe." She also discusses people's individual reactions, including her own.

Starhawk's blog: Starhawk's November 9 post, "What Now?" explains how her view of the Goddess relates to how we might react to the elections results.

Annelinde's World: Annelinde Metzner's  November 15  post,  the poem,  "Tell a Woman," begins:
"Tell a woman that, deep inside,
deep in her heart, where no one can see,
she holds the flame that lights the world."

Large Goddess/Spiritual Feminist Blogs
Because of the large number and variety of bloggers and posts on these blogs, we are now suggesting that you visit them and select the posts that interest you most.

The Motherhouse of the Goddess: Blog affiliated with Motherhouse Podcasts and Mystery School.
Feminism and Religion: Many bloggers from many different religions and paths.
Pagan Square: This blog of many mostly-Pagan paths is sponsored by BBI Media and includes SageWoman blog posts.
The Wild Hunt: Pagan, news-oriented blog that has grown from single blogger to many bloggers.
(We are no longer listing Return to Mago as it now lists itself as an e-magazine, not a blog.)



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