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Buzz Coil: Feb.-March 2017

Here are some recent posts from blogs on our blogroll (please note, we don't knowingly list posts in Buzz Coil that have been published previously by the blogger elsewhere or on the same blog):

HecateDemeter: Blogger Hecate’s March 14 post, “On Purchasing Armour” is a thank-you to readers responding to her posts about “The Magical Battle for America,” (most recently March 11 and Feb. 25) as well as suggestions for protecting oneself when doing this work. Her March 21 post is her poem “This Is a Prayer to Aphrodite. This Is a Prayer for Resistance,” which begins (double space retained from original):

“This is a prayer to Aphrodite. This is a prayer for Resistance.

This is a prayer for love and beauty. This is a prayer for Resistance.

This is a prayer for wine and roses. This is a prayer for Resistance.

This is a prayer for orgasm. This is a prayer for Resistance.”

The Goddess House: In a February 27 post, “Opening at Port Adelaide,” Frances Billinghurst announces that starting the end of March The Goddess House in Adelaide, Australia, will be holding events at the both a location on Kyle Place in Port Adelaide and the Isian Center of Metaphysics. She gives an annotated schedule of events at the Kyle Place location through May and a link to the Isian Center’s information.

Pagaian Cosmology: In a March 10 post, “Red Threads of Autumn Equinox,” Glenys D. Livingstone writes that each Autumn in Australia, where she lives, she remembers “the passing of my ceremonial circle’s sister-friend.” She goes on to write about death in general and about the danger that planet Earth is experiencing due to climate change. She then includes some mythological and ritual-related material, as well as the relevance of other of her personal relationships. In a March 5 post, “Mother Medusa: Regenerative One,” she compares “Society’s” view of Medusa to her own views and experiences.

Annelinde’s World: Annelinde Metzger’s Feb 12 post, her poem, “At the Labyrinth,” begins:
“Ever, ever, She pulsates, warm beneath our feet,
our Mother the precious Earth.
Will She ever let us go?”

Casa della Dea: This blog’s first post in a long time was published on Feb. 1. “Canto per Brighde,” the lyrics of a traditional Irish song presented previously by Caitlin Matthews in English and translated into Italian by Anna Bordin.

Hearth Moon Rising’s blog: Hearth Moon’s March 10 post, “Great Gray Owl,” is about the significance of the appearance of this large owl in her neck of the woods.

The Rowdy Goddess: On February 21, in her first post in a long time, Gail Wood tells about the threads of “Yoga, Equanimity, Tarot , and more!” coming together for her.

Large Goddess/Spiritual Feminist Blogs

Because of the large number and variety of bloggers and posts on these blogs, we are now suggesting that you visit them and select the posts that interest you most.

The Motherhouse of the Goddess: Blog affiliated with Motherhouse Podcasts and Mystery School.

Feminism and Religion: Many bloggers from many different religions and paths.

Pagan Square: This blog of many mostly-Pagan paths is sponsored by BBI Media and includes SageWoman blog posts

The Wild Hunt:Pagan, News-oriented blog that has grown from single blogger to many bloggers. 



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