Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Buzz Coil: April 2017

Here are some recent posts from blogs on our blogroll (please note, we don't knowingly list posts in Buzz Coil that have been published previously by the blogger elsewhere or on the same blog) [editor's note: I have tried about 10 times to get the item about HecateDemeter's posts the same font as the rest of this, but I cannot (I am transferring it from WORD, as I did the others.) Please excuse the difference in font.]

Annelinde’s World: Annelinde Metzner offers her April 21 post, the poem,“I Have Sworn to Protect Her,” as a prayer “especially for those traveling to the Climate Change March in DC” on April 22.
 Her April 13 poem, “Praise House,” begins:
“Blessed with a tour of the Gullah homeland,
St. Helena’s Island, where freed slaves
were given each ten acres upon emancipation…”
In a rare-for-her prose post, “Erna’s Ark” on March 31 is a eulogy for her mother written in 2001, whose importance she still feels. All posts with pics.

HecateDemeter: Blogger Hecate’s posts on April 1 and April 22 are (at this writing) the most recent in her series “The Magical Battle for America,” which offers spiritual work we can do for these times. Her April 11 post is a prayer to Baba Yaga, which is titled with its first two lines:
“This is a prayer to Baba Yaga.This is a prayer for Resistance.”
The prayer continues:
“This is a prayer for the magic of chicken feet, the heat of old hates, the way old bones hurt. This is a prayer for Resistance.”

Hearth Moon Rising’s blog: Marking the 27th anniversary of her ordination as a priestess of Ishtar, Hearth Moon’s March 24 post, “Queen of Heaven and Earth,” begins with a poetic invocation of which the first few words are:
“Ishtar amongst the gods, extraordinary is her station
Respected is her word, it is supreme.”
Broomstick Chronicles: Aline O’Brien (aka M. Macha NightMare) shares her experiences at a MIC Clergy Luncheon on Diversity and Inclusion,” in an March 20 post.

My Village Witch: In an April 10 post, Byron Ballard tells how she how she became involved in editing an anthology of travel writings titled “My Wandering Uterus” and provides a link (from a photo) to submission guidelines. Her April 4 post, “What I Do When I’m Not Here,” focuses on one of her eventful weekends.
 Pagaian Cosmology: Glenys Livingstone’s April 13 post, “Samhain/Beltaine Moment EarthGaia May 2017 C.E.” gives details first on this May’s Samhain celebration in the Southern Hemisphere , including Australia where she lives, and then discusses the relationship between this holiday and Beltaine, being celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere.
Large Goddess/Spiritual Feminist Blogs
Because of the large number and variety of bloggers and posts on these blogs, we are now suggesting that you visit them and select the posts that interest you most.

The Wild Hunt:Pagan, News-oriented blog that has grown from single blogger to many bloggers.

The Motherhouse of the Goddess: Blog affiliated with Motherhouse Podcasts and Mystery School.

Feminism and Religion: Many bloggers from many different religions and paths.

Pagan Square: This blog of many mostly-Pagan paths is sponsored by BBI Media and includes SageWoman blog posts



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