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Buzz Coil: May-June-July

Here are some notes about recent posts from blogs on our blogroll:

PaGaian Cosmology: From Australia, Glenys Livingstone writes about the relationship of the current cross-quarter holidays in both the global north and global south in her July 25 post, "Imbolc--Lammas Moment @ Earth-Gaia August 2018." Her July 22 post, "Imbolc Process of Her Red Carpet: Her Flow," is about a PaGaian Imbolc ceremony which includes a procession of participants carrying lit candles as they enter on a red carpet. Livingstone writes that the ritual is "a commitment to Being, expressed as a commitment to the Great Goddess Brigid."

Annelinde's World: Annelinde Metzner's posts are usually her poems. Her July 17 poem is "When Azaleas Bloom." With pics.  Her June 25 poem "Carrying us still," is dedicated to her son and posted on the anniversary of his death in 2004. With family and other pics. Her June 2 poem, "Morning at the Sanctuary" honors Mountain Light Sanctuary in North Carolina, which includes both a garden and grotto of the Divine Feminine. With pics of both. Published on May 26, her poem "The Magic Pouch," begins
"I have released my magic pouch.
Fathom this - the miracle sac nestled in my abdomen
where spirits come to Earth and find their destiny."
Her May 18 poem is "Magdala Tower." The musical setting of this poem was performed on Mary Magdalene's most recent feast day of July 22 at a performance in Black Mountain, NC.

HecateDemeter: In the midst of writing about politics, voter registration, and a July 4 post about her work with "An American Goddess," Columbia, blogger Hecate continues her series "The Magical Battle for America." Here are topics of some of the series' posts from the last 3 months: July 15, the State flag you most identify with; July 8, work with your American ancestors, Mr. Rogers, and kidnapped children; July 1, children, Native Americans, and Cowboys; June 10, Thoreau, Walden Pond, and the need for "civil disobedience"; June 3, young people growing into "Salmon people" (related to the series' Salmon banner); May 27, Underground Railroads, in the past and present and future;  May 20, working to register voters and various forms of women's art, including quilting and sewing; May 13 Immigrants and Lady Liberty, including the full poem (a sonnet) on the base of what is commonly called the Statue of Liberty. 

Starhawk's blog: Starhawk's July 4 post, "A Spell for the 4th" with Part 2 of "A Spell for Justice," follows Part 1 of "A Spell for Justice," which she posted on June 21. Both include full suggestions on how to do these workings, and both relate to the current U.S. political situation. Among her comments in her June 18 post, "The Children Are Counting on Us," is this paragraph referring to the separation of immigrant children from their parents:
 "Today I read that the Pope has condemned these actions—and that speaks well of him. I cannot understand why every priest, minister, preacher, rabbi, imam, rinpoche, and spiritual leader in the land isn’t crying out “Foul!” from every pulpit. While many are, where are the voices of those who are so quick to trumpet ‘family values’?" 

Works of Literata: In her May 5 post, blogger Literata offers a "Fivefold Blessing" as a Beltane gift. Inspired by the "Fivefold Kiss," Literata writes that her Blessing is "somewhat  less sexually charged, making it appropriate in a wider range of situations."

My Village Witch: Byron Ballard writes several posts about her experience so far at this season's festivals. Her July 3 post, "So I went to this Festival," starts in Cleveland, then moves to Arkansas, Kansas City, Illinois, and Pittsburgh. Her June 5 post, "The Living Ain't Easy But It Is Grand," gives more details and impressions about these festivals. And her May 3 post, "Festival Etiquette...pretty please" tells about a Beltaine celebration in Indiana which prompts her to think about "what I don't like about Pagan festivals." 

Association for the Study of Women and Mythology: ASWM's June 19 post, "Webanaki Women" Ritual Tradition and Feminine Institution," offers a video of a panel from the organizations's 2016 conference in Boston. The May 11 post, "Farewell to Elinor Gadon" is an obituary for this leader in feminist spiritualty who died on May 8 at the age of 92.

Broomstick Chronicles: A June 15 post from Aline O'Brien (aka Macha NightMare), "AAR Annual Meeting -III (2017)" discusses many different aspects of the American Academy of Religion's meeting including "American Gods," and " Witchcraft, Activism, and Political Resistance." (This post also appears on COG Interfaith Report.)

Hearth Moon Rising: Hearth Moon's July 20 post, "Oh My Goddess, Not This Again," is about Max Dashu's being "disinvited" from a San Francisco witchcraft event. For more information see Dashu's July 18 post on this on Facebook.

Because of the large number and variety of bloggers and posts on the following blogs, we are now suggesting that you visit them and select the posts that interest you most.
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Pagan Square: This blog of many mostly-Pagan paths is sponsored by BBI Media and includes SageWoman blog posts.



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