Thursday, October 30, 2014

No Buzz Coil This Month...

...due to my having carpel tunnel syndrome. Best wishes for a Splendid and Blessed Samhain/Hallows.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Global Goddess Oracle: Fall Equinox Issue

The Fall Equinox issue of the Global Goddess Oracle is now online. This issue's introductory article by Dawn tells about the arrival of autumn in Florida and has a photo of a rainbow in a yellow sky.

Feature articles include: "Hear Me Roar," by Katy Ravensong,  about her Pagan approach to religion; "Hestia: A Goddess for the Equinox," Goddess background and a ritual by Dawn "Belladona Thomas; "Just Be," advice for this time of year along with a poem, by Heather Geileis Kohser; "Persephone: The Mysteries of the Deep Earth," both the original myth and a retelling by Shauna Aura Knight.

Regular features include: "Ask Your Mama," by Mama Donna Henes; "Moon Schedule" (Fall Equinox to Samhain) and "Solitary Autumn Equinox Ritual," both by Dawn “Belladonna” Thomas; two installments of "Pagan Every Day," one about Miss Piggy and the other about Tara, by Barbara Ardinger.

Poems include: "Harvest Seed – Manifestation" by Sondra Slade.

Dawn Thomas reviews two books: Dark Moon, a romance novel involving a Witch, by Leisl Leighton, and  Crafting & Use of Magickal Scents by Carl F. Neal.

On the Oracle's homepage  Bendis announces that submissions are being accepted and gives an explanation of the Oracle's submission policy.