Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Buzz Coil: May 2015

 Some recent posts from blogs on our blogroll:

Broomstick Chronicles: In her May 14 post, Aline O’Brien (a.k.a. Macha Nightmare) describes her reactions to the Marin (CA) Interfaith Council’s “Interfaith Celebration of National Day of Prayer,” including her difficulties with the Abrahamic assumptions of some presentations.

Fellowship of Isis Central The Fellowship’s May 7 post gives information about “Summer Solstice Faire – Long Beach, California,” which takes place, June 6.

Hearth Moon Rising's blog:  In the first of a planned four-part series, Hearth Moon’s May 22 post, “The Mathematical Priestess, Part I,” identifies nine “mathematical worlds” that she feels women have been “hermetically sealed” out of. Her May 15 post is a review of Jeri Studebaker’s book, Breaking the Mother Goose Code.
Branches Up, Roots Down: On May 21, in her first post in a long time, “ Unusual Alchemy,” Deborah Oak starts with words from a poem/song and goes on to compare a recent disaster to a near-disaster of decades ago. She then shares her feelings about survival.

 My Village Witch: In an April 28 post, “These Are The Times We Are Made For…,” Byron Ballard offers a meditation for times that feel difficult, and suggestions for helpful actions. In a May 25 post, “Where Did May Go?” She reviews the many activities of May that seemed to make it pass quickly.

 Works of Literata:  In her May 9 post, “Practicing through depression,” blogger Literata discusses how difficult it is for her to do her spiritual practice when she is depressed, writing
 “At times like this, it feels like I’m faking my practice, or doing it in an empty fashion. (When I’m depressed, empty is at least better than hurting.) That plus difficulty concentrating makes it pretty hard to do even the simplest devotions or meditations.”
 She then asks others have had similar experiences.

Radical Goddess Thealogy:  In her May 23 post, “Jehovah In A Skirt?” blogger Athana discusses why she finds a post on the blog Pantheos by Roger Olson confused (confusing?).

The Wild Hunt: Heather Greene, in a May 17 post Shifting Religious Landscapes: Pew Releases Two New Studies,” reports on and analyzes two new reports from Pew Research on religious trends in the world and in the US. 
WoodsPriestess: In a May 22 post, “The beauty that is you,” blogger Molly writes of her reservations about participating in “A Gathering of Priestesses.”

Godddess/Spiritual Feminist Blogs

Because of the large number and variety of bloggers and posts on these blogs, we are now suggesting that you visit them and select the posts that interest you most.

Feminism and Religion: Many bloggers from many different religions and paths.
Pagan Square: This blog of many mostly-Pagan paths is sponsored by BBI Media and includes SageWoman blog posts.
Return to Mago: A Goddess-centered blog whose administrator/owner is Helen Hye-Sook Hwang.

Monday, May 18, 2015

20th Annual Glastonbury Goddess Conference in July-August

I just received the following communication from Kathy Jones about the 20th annual Glastonbury (UK) Goddess Conference, and I'm passing it along to you. You might also want to look at the full conference programme and the booking information. Kathy writes:

Goddess Conference is coming! There are still spaces left on all the Conference Fringe workshops 25th/26th July, 3rd August with amazing experienced teachers:

VICKI NOBLE - Becoming a Cosmic Dancer.... Experience Shakti, using chant, visualisation, healing, based in Tibetan Buddhist Dakini practices. An amazing opportunity to experience this feminist artist, scholar, teacher, writer and co-creator of the Motherpeace Tarot from the USA.

HELOISE PILKINGTON - From the Depths of Silence... A day journeying between the worlds in sound, silence ceremony and song. Heloise is a stunning singer/musician with amazing vocal abilities to transport you into other dimensions.

ANIQUE RADIANT-HEART - Sitting with Goddess Giving yourself the opportunity for deep immersion in to devotional Goddess practices, using chanting, breath techniques to open the heart further to Goddess.

TERENCE MEADEN - Pilgrimage to Ancient Temples at Overton Down, Avebury. Visit the newly recognised megalithic stones and sculptures with this leading Goddess archaeologist.