Saturday, November 25, 2017

Goddess Pages Format Changes

The Goddess Pages format has changed, Geraldine Charles, editor of the online magazine originating in the UK, has announced. The timing of the publication has also changed:
there is no exact date for a new issue. Similar to a blog, articles, poems, and reviews are published when they are ready and/or when the editor feels they are appropriate. As of this writing, articles include:"The Oracle of Delphi" by Louise Sommer," and the editorial introduction by Geraldine Charles, "She Changes Everything She Touches." Poems include: Calling on Persephone" by Penn Kemp and "The Three Comadres" by Susa Silvermarie. Reviews include: The World Is Your Oracle by Nancy Vedder-Shults, Soul & Shadow: Birthing Motherworld by Kathy Jones, and Healing Through the Goddess by Lynne Sedgmore, illustrated by Susie Jones. 

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