Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Buzz Coil: November 2012

A look at some posts of interest from our blogroll and sometimes beyond:

Hearth Moon Rising's blog: Beginning with a quote from Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Hearth Moon Rising's Nov. 16 insightful post, "How to Create a Patriarchal Pagan Group in 12 Steps," explores the difficulties of creating a Goddess group that is free of patriarchal bias. She writes:
 "Variations on the idea that 'What we’re trying to do is really hard' predominate when we talk about the patriarchal climate that develops in spiritual groups which start out with the intention of fully honoring the Great Mother."
 She goes on to examine the roots of this problem and suggest how (not) to deal with it.

Hail Columbia: Blogger Literata, who was recently recognized as clergy in Arlington Virginia, reflects on her experience in her Oct. 31 post, "Further thoughts on being recognized as clergy," such as:
"The tremendous variations across Virginia in terms of clergy recognition are first and foremost a matter of different bureaucracies coming up with different rules. Those variations can pose a serious burden to non-traditional religions in some areas, including Arlington. Making small changes in the bureaucracy is part of the long work of getting our civil rights assured in practice, in everyday life, until it becomes unremarkable to be Wiccan."
This is just part of a post that is important reading for anyone seeking recognition as clergy or whose group seeks status as a "church."

HecateDemeter: Blogger Hecate's Nov. 16 post, "What Modern Wiccan Theology Doesn’t Care About," proposes that
"one large difference between Wicca and many other religions is that modern (at least) Wicca doesn’t look to separate people out into groups." 
She observes that
"Early Wicca...fell a bit into the trap. Thus, the insistence that one had been initiated into a coven with a lineage all the way back to the Bronze Age."
 However, she believes that modern Wicca has departed from this view and associated practices. She asks if you agree with this assessment.

My Village Witch: In her Nov. 6 Post, "A Day in the Garden," Byron Ballard tells how a group of women's studies students from a nearby college help her in a garden she tends on behalf of Mother Grove Goddess Temple in Asheville NC. She writes that after the weeding and leaf-raking they have discussed the "feminine divine" and the Gaia hypothesis.

Annelinde's World: This is the blog Annelinde Metzner devotes to her poetry. Two beautiful poems this month are "This Fire Blazes"  and "The Bone Drum."

At Brigid's Forge:  Thank Goddess Lunaea Weatherstone's Nov. 5 post, a wonderful "Election eve prayer," has been answered.

Dirt Worship: Starhawk's Nov. 7 post, "Now That the Election Is Over..." begins:
"I wake this morning with a profound sense of gratitude." She goes on to discuss why she is grateful and then gives some deep thought to answering these questions:

"What does an Obama victory mean for progressives, greens, anarchists and radicals far, far to his left? To those folks who couldn’t morally bring themselves to vote for Obama, or possibly even to vote at all? Who grew furious at me for urging people to get to the polls and admitting that I voted for him?"

Works of Literata: In her Nov. 6 post, "Voting and Columbia," blogger Literata discusses how voting resembles a sacred act, and characterizes the Goddess Columbia as embodying, among other qualities, the separation of church and state. 

Way of the Rabbit: In her Nov. 26  post,  "Resolving/Reducing Conflict in Covens and communities,"  Yeshe Rabbit shares the conflict resolution process that CAYA coven has been using for a number of years.

The Wild Hunt: In his Nov. 23 post, "Pagan Fundraising Initiative: Black Friday Edition," Jason Pitzl-Waters writes about several ongoing projects, including a film version of Starhawk's novel, The Fifth Sacred Thing; Bobbie Grennier's film about Merlin Stone, Layne Redmond's documentary about Brazilian deities, the New Alexandrian Library's building project, and the Wild Hunt itself. 

Goddess in a Teapot: In her Oct. 31 post, "Hildegard of Bingen, A Saint Whose Spirit Soared Free, "Carolyn L. Boyd reviews Mary Sharratt's new novel, Illuminations, about Hildegard von Bingen (which I also reviewed here previously). In her review, Carolyn focuses on the role of freedom (or non-freedom) in religion.

Feminism and Religion: This blog carries posts from feminists on a variety of spiritual paths.

In Memoriam Patricia Monaghan: The Goddess Community Remembers and Mourns," posted on Nov. 28 by Dawn Work MaKinne, gives extensive background on Monaghan's work, her influence on Goddess spirituality, and upcoming memorials.

In a Nov. 26 post,"What Was Your Childhood Religious Tradition And Do You Still Follow It?", Carol P. Christ shares her response to questions she was asked  in a interview for Claremont Graduate University's Women’s Living History Project, and asks you if you'd like to share your experience.  In her Nov. 18 post, "Women for Peace--Take To The Streets," Christ discusses the relationship of war and peace to bonobo apes, Goddess thealogy, paleolithic societies, the Bible, the Iliad, Plato, and more.

In a Nov. 21 post, "Thank You, Goddess," Barbara Ardinger writes:
 "Please don’t think I think the Goddess is a big fat woman wearing a crown and sitting on a big fat throne up in the sky and sending little goddessettes and superheros and superheras down to earth to chase editing clients to me, puff my lungs full of oxygen, and carefully arrange that I sit next to nice folks at the theater or find places to park when I need them."
Although Ardinger admits that it's hard to describe what/who Goddess is, in this post she does clarify many aspects of this thealogical quandary in her signature humorous way.

In a Nov. 18 post, "Death Of A Priestess," Geraldine Charles describes how people of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple marked the passing of one of its priestesses, Koko, including a funeral procession and a ceremony in the Town Hall.

Ivy Helman
's Nov. 11 post, "Building A Bridge Toward the Future: Will You Meet Me in the Middle?" is a response to a comment by President Obama in his recent acceptance speech and investigates the difficulties of  "the intersection of feminism, religion and politics" in the U.S.

Return to Mago: This blog frequently has guest posts by people other than its main blogger, Helen Hwang.

In a 2-part series, Mary Ann Ghuffurian (aka MAG) introduces herself and her work in Part 1 posted on Nov. 21, and  in Part 2, posted Nov. 26, discusses her methodogy, specifically applying it to the main focus of this blog. MAG writes:

 "Magoism is a new word to the modern Western vocabulary, yet it has its linguistic roots in many parts of the globe and in an ancient knowledge and know-how almost lost. Dr Helen Hwang determinedly and methodically is excavating the little-understood historical Mother-Goddess knowledge of Korea, and its traditions, the Mago, and Magoism, and in doing so is unlocking another previously invisible door, and replacing another ripped-off corner of the global map of significant, almost-lost tradition and forgotten knowledge."

Judith Shaw
's Nov. 23 post, "Why Are We Drawn to the Black Madonna," discusses and shows in photographs some of the many versions of this Goddess. 

In a Nov. 19 post,
"Stone-Raising Spinners," Max Dashu discusses a variety of European megalithic monuments. With photos.

In her Nov. 12 post, "Goddess as Love," Carol P. Christ tells what her mother's death taught her about the Goddess.  

Pagan Square: This blog has posts from people on a variety of Pagan paths. In her Nov. 20  post, "The Initiation," blogger Amarfa, who is majoring in music in college, explains why she is starting a website whose basis is "that Classical Music is more Pagan than anyone truly realizes at this point in time...." In this post, she gives as an example, Claude Debussy's "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun."

In her Nov. 12 post, "On Hekate," Rebecca Buchanan describes this Goddess as "complicated," gives background about her, and a recommends a substantial number of books and other reading material to help you learn more.

In a Nov. 17 post, "The Way We Say Goodbye," that begins with a photo of a candle dedicated to Patricia Monaghan surrounded by other candles, Byron Ballard

first tells of a death of another Irish American, discusses general issues about
"what happens when a Pagan dies--what shape the rites can take, what grave goods and music we can reasonably bring to a funeral that may include family members of the beloved dead who are still Presbyterians or Baptists or observant Jews,"
and describes her group's memorial service for Monaghan. In a previous post that begins with a photography of Brigid altar at the 2010 conference of the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology, Ballard tells how she and her group celebrate Samhain, and how through the year she keeps a list of those who have passed to be read at the Samhain ritual and after the ritual sets it aside. She continues in her Nov. 11 post,  "The Terrible Season of Samhain,":
 "Today Patricia Monaghan--beloved teacher, writer, wiseass and friend--died. She has gone across the crystal water, secure in her perfect ship, to the Land of Young, to blessed Tir Nan Og.
I have located a nice sheet of paper and am grieved to put her name at the top of this Year's Samhain list."

Here are links to some of the other many memorial posts for Patricia Monaghan:
Association for the Study of Women and Mythology,  At Brigid's Forge, Cherry Hill Seminary, Agora, Adventures in Vanaheim, Beth OwlsDaughter, Betz-Blog, Gaian Soul, HecateDemeter , Irish Blessings Tours Journeying to the GoddessMusings of a Quaker Witch, Sherry Chandler, Taste of Moon Goddess,  The Secret Life of the American Working Witch, The Wild HuntThe Witch of Stitches, Threads of the Spiderwoman, and of course, this blog. 


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Memorial services for Patricia Monaghan

Today I received the following news (and permission to publish it here) from Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary about the memorial for her longtime friend, colleague and neighbor, Patricia Monaghan:

On Saturday, December 1, 2012 memorial services will be held in Wisconsin to celebrate the life, works, and legacy of scholar, poet, spiritual practitioner and leader, and social activist Patricia Monaghan (1946-2012) who died from cancer on Sunday, November 11. Michael McDermott, her husband, invites you to remember, honor and continue the work of Patricia.

Patricia carried on to the end on her work including the paperback version of the new Goddesses and Heroines; her book Brigit, Sun of Womanhood, co-edited with Michael; a new book of poetry linking her love of her Wisconsin with her Ireland; strengthening the Black Earth Institute (BEI) and the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology (ASWM).  These two organizations were important in building structures for the future. BEI was formed to have artists address the causes of inclusive spirituality, healing the earth and promoting social justice. ASWM was formed to increase the level and promotion of scholarship for goddess studies and women's mythical and legendary history.

Local food in all its facets was her other recent passion. Developing our home Brigit Rest as a center was yet another revealed. And the list can go on and on.

On the morning of December 1, a Quaker Memorial Service will be held from 11 am - Noon at the Friends Meeting House of the Madison Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), 1704 Roberts Court in Madison, located behind the Associated Bank building near the intersection of Monroe Street and Spooner Avenue. This service is open to those of many faiths and philosophies. Some parking is available next to the building and on nearby streets. For more directions:   There is no need to RSVP to attend the Quaker Memorial Service.

In the afternoon, a Land-based Memorial Ceremony & Ashes Interment facilitated by Ruth Barrett will be held at 2 pm at Brigit Rest, the home of Patricia and her husband in the countryside near Black Earth. This ceremony will be held outdoors at a dedicated Ancestors' Grove where of some of Patricia's ashes will be placed under a tree recently picked out by Patricia and Michael.

Please bring a dish of already prepared food for the potluck reception table. If possible, bring a folding chair suitable for use outdoors and inside to use as seating, and if available, bring several to loan to others unable to bring their own. Please dress appropriate for the weather. Please do not bring dogs or other companion creatures. Parking is available along the driveway and nearby country roads.

Space is limited for this afternoon ceremony and must be reserved in advance. Please RSVP as soon as possible and before November 30 to reserve a place and to receive the address and directions. Include the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of all coming with you to Michael McDermott through

More information about Patricia is on-line at her website: Donations may be made in her name to the Black Earth Institute, PO Box 424, Black Earth, WI 53515.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Events Coil: Nov. 21-Dec. 31

As far we know, all events we list are open functions; but some may be limited to women or to adults and some may require that you notify them that you plan to attend. Please check the websites for group policies. If no country is given, the event is in USA. All times local. Times for computer/Internet/Web events are given for the place of origin unless otherwise noted. Events lasting more than 1 day are bolded. When listing events for the same date we try to list those that occur first, taking into account time zone differences. If there is a difference between our listings and the listings on the link, assume their web page is correct as details may have changed since we listed from it. Ongoing events and events that occur on a regular day each month or week are listed after the dated events. If you have an event you want listed, please leave info as a comment. See the end of this Coil for what info we need for listings.
[Updated Dec. 2, Dec. 12, Dec. 16]
Nov.21, 7:30 p.m. Goddess Contemplative Group, Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Glastonbury ENGLAND

Nov. 22, time tba, Orphans' Thanksgiving, Maetreum of Cybele, Palenville NY

Nov.24, Noon Ceremonial Healing Day, Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Glastonbury ENGLAND

Nov. 24, time tba, Full Moon Circle, Grove of Artemis (CAYA), Berkeley CA

Nov. 27, 7 p.m. Full Moon Ritual, Mother Grove Goddess Temple, Asheville NC

Nov. 27, 7 p.m., Full Moon Gathering, Goddess Temple Inc., Lakewood OH

Nov. 27, doors open 6:30 p.m., ritual 7 p.m. Full Moon Ceremonies, Goddess Temple of Orange County, Irvine CA

Nov. 27, time tba, Celebrate Amilamia Basque Goddess of Goodness & Benevolence, Daughters of the Goddess, San Francisco CA

Nov. 28, time tba, Full Moon Celebration, Maetreum of Cybele, Palenville NY

Nov. 28, time tba, Full Moon Circle, Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, near Barneveld WI

Nov. 28, potluck 7 p.m., ritual 8 p.m. Full Moon Ceremony, Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet, Indian Springs NV

Nov. 29, 7:30 p.m. Invocation of Goddess Through Sound and Song, Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Glastonbury ENGLAND

Nov. 29, Noon,  Full Moon Meditation, Goddess Temple of Staten Island, Staten Island NY

Nov. 29, 7 p.m. Divination Night, Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess-International, Wisconsin Dells WI

Nov. 30, 7:30 p.m. "Treasures for Women from the Suppressed Histories Archives" with Max Dashu, Dublin IRELAND

Dec. 1, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.  "Suppressed Histories of Women" with Max Dashu, Dublin IRELAND

Dec. 1, 5 p.m., Goddess Meetup, Maetreum of Cybele, Palenville NY

Dec. 2, 1 p.m. Discussion of book, When God Was A Woman, Open Hearth Foundation, Washington DC

Dec. 4, 7:30 p.m. Circle of Craft, Goddess Temple of Orange County, Irvine CA

Dec. 5, 7:30 p.m. "Ancient Roots of Faughart & St. Brigit" with Max Dashu, Dundalk Institute of Technology IRELAND

Dec. 6, 7 p.m.  She Sings!, Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess-International, Wisconsin Dells WI

Dec. 8, 1 p.m.  "Deasophie: Goddesses around the world" with Max Dashu, Frauen Museum, Weisbaden, DEUTSCHLAND (Germany)

Dec. 8, 93:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Sanctuary Day with Interfaith Open House Noon-4 p.m. Interfaith Open House, Circle Sanctuary, near Barneveld WI

Dec. 9, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Pagan Brunch, Maetreum of Cybele, Palenville NY

Dec. 11, 6:30 p.m.  "Grandmother Stones of Megalithic Europe" with Max Dashu, Sankt Gallen SUISSE (Switzerland)

Dec.12, 2 p.m. New Moon Healing, Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Glastonbury ENGLAND

Dec. 13, 7:30 p.m. Women's Dark Moon Womb Connection, Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Glastonbury ENGLAND

Dec. 13, 7 p.m., New Womanspirit Web Meeting, Open Hearth Foundation Community Center, Washington DC

Dec. 13, 7 p.m., New Moon Gathering, Goddess Temple Inc., Lakewood OH

Dec. 13, time tba, New Moon Celebration, Maetreum of Cybele, Palenville NY

Dec. 13, 7 p.m.  Goddess Women Book Group, Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess-International, Wisconsin Dells WI

Dec. 15, 7:30 p.m. Embodiment of Danu, Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Glastonbury ENGLAND

Dec. 16, doors open 13.00 uur, ceremony begins 14.00 uur, Winter Zonnewende Ceremonie Nederlandse Godinnen Tempel, Hillegom, NEDERLAND

Dec. 16, 6:30 p.m.  Yule Ritual & Feast, Circle of Aradia, Studio City CA

Dec. 16, gather 6:30, ritual 7 p.m.Yule ritual with Starhawk & friends, North Bay Reclaiming
Sebastopol CA

Dec. 20, 7 p.m. Women's Bardic Circle, Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess-International, Wisconsin Dells WI

Dec. 20, gather 3:30, ritual 4 p.m. Solstice Eve ritual, Ocean Beach, SF Reclaiming, San Francisco CA

Dec. 21, gather 6:40 a.m. "Sing Up the Sun"(Solstice morn) ritual, East Bay Reclaiming, Tilden Park, East Bay Hills CA

Dec. 21, 7:30 p.m. Winter Solstice, Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Glastonbury ENGLAND

Dec. 21, 7 p.m. Winter Solstice Pageant, Circle Sanctuary at First Unitarian Society, Madison WI

Dec. 21, 6 p.m. 
Winter Solstice Night, Sisterhood of the Sacred Circle, South Bay, SF CA

Dec. 21, 6:30 p.m., ritual 7 p.m. Winter Solstice Celebration:"Birth of the New Era", Goddess Temple of Orange County, Irvine CA

Dec. 21, 7 p.m. Winter Solstice/Yule ritual, Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekmet,
Indian Springs NV

Dec. 21, time tba, Celebrate Winter Solstice and Mayan Moon Goddess Ischel, Daughters of the Goddess, San Francisco CA

Dec. 22, 6 p.m. Summer Solstice Ritual, Pagaian Moon Court, Blue Mountains NSW AUSTRALIA

Dec. 22, 10 a.m.-7p.m., Yule, Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, near Barneveld WI

Dec. 22, 6 p.m., Yule Women's Circle, Sisterhood of the Sacred Circle, Carson City NV

Dec. 22, time tba, Winter Solstice, Caya Coven East Bay, Berkeley CA

Dec. 23, gather 11:30 a.m., ritual Noon, Winter Solstice followed by Reflections party, Connect DC, Washington DC 

Dec. 27, 7 p.m. Divination Night, Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess-International, Wisconsin Dells WI

Dec. 27, time tba, Full Moon Circle, Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, near Barneveld WI

Dec. 27, doors open 6:30 p.m., ritual 7 p.m. Full Moon Ceremonies, Goddess Temple of Orange County, Irvine CA

Dec. 28, time tba, Full Moon Celebration, Maetreum of Cybele, Palenville NY



Adelaide, 2nd Tuesday of month, 7:30 p.m
. Goddess Devotional Service, The Goddess House.


Glastonbury: Most days except Mondays, Noon-4, Temple Open for personal Prayers; Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. Belly Dancing; Thursdays, 7 p.m. Temple Ritual Dance Class, Priestess/Priest of Avalon Training Program, both in Glastonbury (Avalon) and by correspondence. Glastonbury Goddess Temple.


Solderhamm, weekdays, Noon-6 p.m,Godinne Templet Open; Mondays p.m. meditation, prayer, conversation.


Annapolis MD, Friday of each month closest to full moon, 7 p.m. Women's Full Moon Circle, UUCA
Asheville NC, Sundays 10 a.m. drumming, 10:30 a.m. Service,
Morning Devotionals, Mother Grove Goddess Temple.
Berkeley CA, last Sunday of month, 5 p.m.
East Bay Goddess Rosary, University Lutheran Chapel.
Carson City, NV, Mondays 6 p.m.,
Women's Spirituality Studies with Mama J, Sisters of the Sacred Circle.
Concord MA, 1st Monday 7-9 p.m.Women's Circles' other ongoing groups include Demeter and Persephone's Circles for mothers and daughters, Council of Mother Dears; Menopause as Spiritual Journey; Menarche for mothers and daughters; Goddess Groove Drum Circle, at
Women's Well.
Geyserville CA, Sunday Services 2-4 p.m.
Temple of Isis.
Irvine CA, Sunday Services, 1st service at 9:30 a.m., inward meditation; 2nd service at 11 a.m.; see dates for Goddesses being honored, guest speakers, and other information about individual services; Wednesdays 6-8 p.m. "Spiritual Services: Goddesses and Heroes," Spiritual Life Club . Saturdays 12-5 p.m. Temple Open for Women's Meditation, Goddess Temple of Orange County.
Palenville NY, Sundays 5 sessions; Sundays 7 p.m. Pagan Circles,
Maetreum of Cybele.
San Francisco CA, Sundays 10:30 a.m. Liturgy of the Divine Feminine; Wednesdays 7 p.m. Goddess Rosary Meditation Ebenezer/HerChurch Lutheran .
Seattle WA, 2nd Sunday, doors open 10 a.m., Goddess Service 10:30 a.m., Gaia's Temple.
Staten Island NY, closest Saturday to full moon 7 p.m. Women's Full Moon Drumming; 3rd Saturday 7 p.m. Goddess devotional service; Goddess Temple of Staten Island.
Wisconsin Dells, WI, Mondays 10 a.m., Motherhouse Monday Morning; tuesdays, 7 p.m. Women's Craft Night;Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess-International.

Course: "Celebrating Cosmogenesis," for people in both Southern and Northern Hemispheres, with Australian author Glenys Livingstone, originates in NSW, Australia. Join online at any time.
Podcasts:times tba,
"Talking to Goddess," interviews, music, and more from Gaia's Garden, originates in Melbourne, Australia.
Podcasts: Wednesdays 6 p.m. PT,
"Voices of the Sacred Feminine," interviews with well-known Goddessians and Pagans hosted by Karen Tate, Blog Talk Radio. Originates in California.
Podcasts: Sundays 11 a.m. PT,
"Creatrix-Media-Live" roundtable discussions include guests and phone-in audience participation, co-hosted by Jayne DeMent and Anniitra Ravenmoon. Blog Talk Radio.
Podcasts: Tuesday 8 p.m. CT,
Circle Craft with Selena Fox, Circle Sanctuary, Blog Talk Radio

We would be happy to add your Goddess and spiritual feminist events (and those you know about that are open to the public) no matter where in the world they are. Please leave a comment giving: Name of event, sponsoring organization (if any), town, state (if in US), country (if outside of US) time (if known) , and required: url of website where person can get more info (no pdf pages, no password-protected pages). Do NOT give street addresses, phone numbers or email addresses. People should go to the website for that info.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Message from Patricia Monaghan's Husband, Michael McDermott

The following is from Michael McDermott, the late Patricia Monaghan's spouse. He has asked it be distributed widely. I learned of this on a mailing list I'm on and received permission to reprint it here. The "informal ceremony" mentioned in the next to last paragraph has already taken place. However, the "formal ceremony" and Quaker Service announced in the last paragraph will take place on Dec. 1 in Wisconsin. Brigit Rest is Patricia and Michael's farm near Black Earth, Wisconsin.

From Michael McDermott:
I am devastated by the loss of my beloved wife and partner in all things, Patricia.  I am also filled with gratitude and love for all the wonderful things said about Patricia.  She has left our lives and yet she will live long.  There is a huge hollow in me and in the life and all the things that Patricia and I did and will do.

She traveled a journey with cancer these last 2 years.  It was a journey of hope and disappointment. It was a journey that included her work, whether it was finishing the paperback version of Goddesses and Heroines, how to strengthen the Black Earth Institute, the decorating scheme for the Wisconsin house after we moved from Chicago, or how to control the temperature in the new root cellar.
She was concerned that we had not yet put the dried beans from the garden. On Friday evening we were working on editing a manuscript until 11:30 at night.She died at home in my arms on Sunday morning at 3:45 AM.

She didn't like to be called brave though she was.  She didn't at all like being called a force of nature but she was. She didn't like it when people said, "How can you do so much?", but she "did" from morn 'till night.  W would work hard all day on many things and then say, "Well at least we got a little but done."

Patricia was a scholar, artist, spiritual practitioner and leader and political activist.  She was a gardener and literally a path creator. One of my favorite memories is of her pulling our large honey suckle bushes in the wet spring soil to create a path in our woods.  This creation she carried into all things, whether leading us to the goddess, to a land ethic or to the struggle for a more just society.

There will be an informal get together at Brigit Rest this Saturday from 2 PM to 7 PM.  More like a potluck where in addition to covered dishes bring memories or mementos of Patricia.  (Bring the covered dish, deserts and libations as well.)

A formal ceremony will be held on Saturday December 1 at Brigit Rest as well. There will be a service at the Madison meeting hall of the Society of Friends (Quakers) likely the same day.

Let us all honor Patricia for all the things she was and will be.

Michael McDermott

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Prayer Hour for Patricia Monaghan

The following is by Kathleen Jenks of the Black Earth Institute, and is used with her permission here:

For those interested, Patricia's BlackEarth Institute community started a 9 pm EST prayer-hour for Patricia and her beloved husband, Michael, on Saturday night....One group of BlackEarthers even built a roaring bonfire to honor Patricia's "light," letting it burn right down to the embers so that no energy was wasted that she might need.

We didn't learned til noonish Sunday that she'd died in Michael's arms, taking her last breath at 3:45am Sunday morning.... The bonfire people hoped they'd contributed extra energy to Patricia for her passing -- and I'm sure they did....She was such a powerful, wise, amazingly sensate force of nature! It seemed impossible that she'd be leaving so soon. She even has 4 more books coming out in the near future!

Anyway, the 9 pm (EST) prayer hour will continue for a number of days for both Patricia and Michael. If you'd like to join-in, there's no need to notify anyone or sign up. Some (like me) light candles, others read aloud passages to her from her books, or just talk, sing old Irish songs, pray, light bonfires, whatever.         

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Passing of Patricia Monaghan

updated 11/12/12, 10:45 a.m.
It is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the death in the early morning of Nov. 11 of Goddess scholar, author, poet, and novelist, Patricia Monaghan. She died of cancer. I consider myself fortunate to have met and interacted with Dr. Monaghan online and I know that many in the Goddess community consider her a friend and mentor. Among her books are The Goddess Path, The Red-Haired Girl from the Bog, O Mother Sun! A New View of the Cosmic Feminine, Goddesses in World Culture, The Encyclopedia of Celtic Myth and Folklore, The Encyclopedia of Goddesses and Heroines, Meditation (co-authored with Eleanor Vierek), the novel Alaska by Heart, Recipes of Independence by Sarah Pagen. Her book of poetry, Homefront, was awarded the Pushcart Prize for Literature in 2004. Her other poetry included Winterburning, Seasons of the Witch, and Dancing with Chaos.  Dr. Monaghan was professor of interdisciplinary studies at De Paul University in Chicago. With her husband, Michael McDermott MD, she was co-founder of the Black Earth Institute and senior fellow there.

Born in Brooklyn NY in 1946, she moved to Colorado and then Alaska with her family. She received an undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota, an MFA in creative writing from the University of Alaska, and a PhD in interdisciplinary studies (science and literature) from Union Institute in Cincinnati. 

May she rest in the arms of the Goddess and be renewed.

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